Actual Play – Blue Gene – Alpha to Omega (2/9/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Rich Rogers (Sloane), Scott White (Frank Hunter), Sean Nittner (Kevin “Cujo” Siddig)
System: PTA

This game started with some interesting plot advancement ideas. It wasn’t anyone’s spotlight episode, so instead we advanced the themes of the show. Gene sequencing as it effects society, police work, the fate of Curtis hunter, and all of our characters digging themselves deeper into trouble.

We also dove into a two plot approach. Frank and Sloane opened up doing police work, while Kevin was distracted by his personal affairs.

Plot A – The first re-sequencing project, who has been at large for years, show up with a vengeance. He knows he’s dying and he wants the cure from Franks’ dad Curtis Hunter. Wendel pretty much trounces Sloane and Frank at every turn, killing cops left right and center in the process. He exhibits not only the standard “super” human capabilities of a gene freak but in his time at large has also gained control of energy fields in his body and around him, taking his powers to a whole new level.

Plot B – Sophia has gotten in over her head and to pay off as mysterious Asian guy in a suit, she agrees to do one job but Siddig knows that if she goes at it alone, she is dead. Reluctantly he aids her, but when the gig goes down, there is a brutal fight and he kills many, many people to get them out of there alive.

Plots A and B eventually collide as Sloane figured out what Siddig did, wants to take him in but needs his capabilities to take down Wendell. Tension between Frank and his father escalate when Frank realizes that his father has had the cure for his own disease the entire time.

Frank, Sloane and Siddig have a giant showdown at the hospital trying to protect Curtis Hunter. Between the three of them, Wendell is defeated (and killed) but Siddig is brought into custody, not only for murder but for his obvious display of genetic re-sequencing. The cat is out of the bag for Cujo.

Thoughts on this game

I felt selfish at first creating a plot that wasn’t about one of the other PCs. I don’t like it when players create pet NPCs so they can interact only with the GM (director in this case) and so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing that. Lenny assured me it would be fine, and sure enough by the 2nd act we all started seeing ways to weave the two plots together, and it was great.

Since our characters are so “character drama” heavy, I think we added exactly what was needed for the show, an episode that was all about crime and the meta-story rather than any of our personal issues. It still touched on all of them (Sloane trying to keep things together, Frank trying to win over his dad, Siddig trying to keep his re-sequencing as secret) but we weren’t hammering on any of them to change this episode, which I felt added some texture to the show, making more “drama” than “melodrama”.

After the showdown, when the product was turned into the “mysterious Asian guy in a suit” Siddig was made an offer, to quit the police force and join this dude. Sophia, his girlfriend was ecstatic, this was her dream come true, but for Siddig that meant turning in his badge. It also meant probably evading a 17 count murder trial. Make a lot of money, get out of jail free, and please your girlfriend vs. doing the job. There are few times when I get to be justifiably self-righteous in a game, but this was one of them. I was so happy to tell the mysterious dude that I did this one job for Sophia, and after today he could consider himself an hunted man.

The game ended on a court trial, with 17 murder counts against Siddig, however that trial was commuted by a more pressing matter, which was the authorizing and legalizing of genetic re-sequencing for military and law enforcement purposes. Representing the case that re-sequencing (or “blueing”) should be authorized was Frank Hunter. Representing the opposition was the District Attorney Mallory Feliciano and Curtis Hunter. Yup, his dad! Bad ass.

Lenny’s depiction of the LT and all his “fuck you mother fuckers” seemed like the perfect release valve for the true title of this game “fucking fuckin fuck fuck fuck.”


Actual Play – Episode 3 (9/15/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

Super late in writing this up. Shame on me. So this is what I can remember.


(I think this was actually two game sessions but I can’t find the 2nd date in my calendar)

Sloane’s spotlight episode. Sloane’s issue was so much more “real” than Siddg’s. What do you do with a broken marriage? How do you overcome your own feelings of inadequacy? All season long I have loved playing my bionic-man character, but totally been rooting for Sloane. He’s is the “man.”

Lenny had been talking to me about this forever. He was so excited to drop this bomb on Sloane he couldn’t hold it in.

Danielle walks into the restaurant that Sloane and Mallory are having dinner in and drops the bomb on Sloane “I want you back”. Oh it was good. Sloane was just… just …stupefied.

Mallory caught Siddig getting out of the shower in the precinct and won him over. You should help me because I’m the one who hasn’t broken his heart. Nice one.

This was the game of no crime. Like there as a crime going on but none of us cared about what it was. We just had scene as crime scenes but without them mattering. It was hilarious.

Because of a total brain fart on my part I had Siddig say to Sloane that his girlfriend had cheated on him and he was pissed at her. It was meant to be a solidarity thing between Sloane and Siddig but I totally forgot Siddig had just gotten together with Sophia. Wow! Covered for in in a later scene by having it start with Siddig, Frank and Sophia drinking beers in Siddig’s kitchen and Sophia saying “You told him WHAT?” It was a fun cover up.

We found out Frank’s set piece. A strip club called the Gran(D)(D)esign. Yeah. Classy. Apparently there is is the MAN.  Also Sloane totally lost it on some guy in there and ended up pistol whipping some guy he thought was part of the crime. That Sloane was nearly undressed at the time (and we are rated NC-17) we were all glad used his handgun for this pistol whipping. Ha!

Sloane it turns out was avoiding both of them. Something Siddig gave him MUCH shit about. To the extent of getting in a fight in front of a bunch of other cops and Sloane getting suspended for his actions.

While suspected Siddig and Frank got in totally over their heads and were trapped behind their car that was being riddled with bullets. Sloane had to break his suspension to pull their asses out of the fire (yep, I framed that scene, it was awesome).

The episode ended with Slaone walking off the plane onto a tropical island…with Danielle!

Actual Play – Episode 2, Part 2 (8/25/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

Super late in writing this up. Shame on me. So this is what I can remember.


An awesome showdown/Mexican standoff in the street with all of us pointing guns at each other. Sophia makes off with the tech but Sloane OWNS Siddig. “Okay, I know what you are now. I can turn you in at any moment. That means you are mine!”

Final show down wasn’t a fight, it was a discussion. The man who made Sophia didn’t think she would take the cure…because he knew she couldn’t handle being normal.

Siddig won her over by dropping the “I love you” bomb on her. She took the cure. End.

Actual Play – Episode 2, Part 1 (8/11/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

Super late in writing this up. Shame on me. So this is what I can remember.


This was Siddig’s spotlight episode. I was quite ready to see him crack and turn on his friends in a serious way (specifically genetically re-sequencing them to remove their memories). Didn’t happen, but it was on my mind.
The crime? Sophia was being hunted, the people that “made” her wanted to keep her and she wanted out. However she had the schematics to “cure” her. Removing all over her serious narcotic addictions but also making her a “normal” again.
I remember some confusion about who the “cure” was meant for. The problem with having lots of re-sequenced people in the story.

Siddig convinced the LT to let him use the labs (or at least not pay attention while he used the labs) to synthesize the re-sequencing technology needed. It was totally crooked, but Frank vouched for him, in part because he sympathized with him, in part because he never thought Siddig would use it. Ha!

Actual Play – Foul Ball! (5/1/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

This AP report is brought to you by the power of Google Docs. If not taking notes on Google Docs while the game was going, I’d never remember the details a month later.

I’ve been slacking on getting these out, blah, blah, blah. Doing it now.

We picked up where we left off, in the middle of Act 2 and finished off the episode in one night. It did require a “showdown” scene in Act 4 (like we had in the pilot) and us running late, but it was worth it, the game ended with a very satisfying finish.

Act 2 – Sloane
Location – Gym, having another game of basketball.
On scene: Kevin, Sloane and Hunter
Question – Can Kevin convince Sloane that nothing was going on during the match with Javier?

The gym is cleared out. People got the vibe that things are more intense than usual.
Sloane drops Kevin and he bounces back too fast, Sloane saw him move that fast.
Kevin ends with wimping out “Foul” ball.

This scene was intense because it represented a tipping point for Kevin. He realized that he running on borrowed time. Sloane is a great cop, trained to recognize a re-sequenced “gene freak” in moments, and here Kevin had been working along side him as a partner. It was only a matter of time before he started noticing that little things, that Kevin moved a bit too fast, hit a bit too hard. Kevin had been holding himself back, trying to hide the re-sequencing but there was no way he could both beat Javier in a MMA match and hide his nature from Sloane.

The game was a competitive one that got more than a little physical. As usual the format was you get to talk when you have the ball, asserting yourself on the court was part of winning the argument. Sloane used his slow, cautious approach to interrogate Siddig, and even though he recognized the drill, Kevin had to see it out to the very end, lest he arouse more suspicion. After and early foul from Siddig, Sloane repaid him in kind, laying him out on his ass as he was going for a layup. Siddig bounced back too fast and he could see it in Sloane’s eyes. He knew.

Act 2 – Frank
Location – Police station Lab
On scene: Frank and Siddig
Frank’s question – He loses, and won’t endanger his father’s welfare.
Kevin’s question – He loses, and Frank sees through his ulterior motives.

Frank’s scene opened with him suiting Siddig up for the upcoming match. Here’s the problem with waiting this long to write the AP, I can’t remember the details of Franks question, so guys, correct me if I’m wrong on this one.

Siddig mentioned that a little while back he and Sloane found a cache of memory altering re-sequencing technology and he thinks something like that might have been used on Javier, so that he was re-sequenced but without noticing it, making the Hunter test[1] hard to perform. Siddig asked for access to the tech (he know IA keeps all that stuff) but Frank suspected something was up and said he’d need supervision to use it. There goes Siddigs plan to wipe his partner’s memory… or did it?

Frank’s question was also a brutal one. He really needed someone to definitively tell if Javier has been re-sequenced and the best person to do that was his father, bed ridden in the hospital. Siddig’s chiding (“He’s dying a hospital bed man, let him rest”) along with his own guilty conscious prevented Frank from going any further. Even though it might mean blowing the case, wasn’t going to risk make his dad worse.

Act 3 – Director
Complication #2
Sloane at his apartment, watching TV when the doorbell rings.

Mallory arrives in a bath towel and a shower cap. She and Sloane start taking out their day’s aggression in the bedroom when the door bell rings… Daniele Convinton (his ex-wife) is there, and she collapses into his arms, bleeding badly from several knife wounds.

Act 3 – Kevin
Hospital scene
Siddig & Curtis Hunter
Question – Can Siddig get Hunter to help him out?

No – Curtis wants him to accept who he is

This was my big “reveal” of the night. I wanted to do a couple things with it. First I wanted to bring Curtis into the story more. Second, I wanted to explain a little of Kevin’s back story. There had to be a reason he was so “good”. So well trained at hiding his re-sequencing and so bad ass. After some thought, the reason to me was obvious: Curtis made him. Years ago, before Curtis was bed ridden he re-sequenced one last person, with the intent of finding all the “mistakes” he had made and shutting them down. Kevin wasn’t just hunting “gene freaks” because he hated them, he was hunting them because Curtis sent him after them, to “fix” all the damage he had done.

The symmetry of it in my head was beautiful, the execution (given that I was the only one privy to this idea) wasn’t perfect. Once the reveal was made Kevin came clean and asked the old man to help him erase the memories of Sloane and Frank (his son). He wouldn’t do it however, he wouldn’t rob his own son of his free will.

Curtis implored Kevin to consider the alternative, telling them the truth. In Kevin’s mind however, this is unthinkable.

Act 3 – Sloane
Hospital scene
Covington and Sloane
Question – Can Sloane get Danielle to admit she needs him?
Yes – he’s still the best cop

We had our scenes dovetail into each other. As Siddig was leaving the hospital, Sloane was entering to see Danielle. The two had a discussion, she told him about Tyrone Norhtway, how his re-sequenced goons jumped her. It was pretty factual at first. She was telling him what he needed know to bust Tyrone, but eventually she broke and admitted that she came to him because she trusted in him, knew that he was the best cop out there and that he would catch Northway.

Act 3 – Frank
Briefing room
Siddig and Hunter in the briefing room arguing about what happening to Covington
Sloane makes it in and tells him we’re going after Northway.

This was one of those awesome scene were everyone starts mad at each other, agree that they have a common enemy and charge off to kick his ass… still mad at each other!

The major beef, which was a great one, was Hunter putting Covington in danger. He did it for the job, but he crossed a line. Sloane made it clear that his business with Frank wasn’t finished.

Act 4 – Director
Kevin and Sophia in an ally – she shows him a medical record of a guy with a degenerative brain disease, a vegetable and another file showing that he was turned into Javier Rolston.

Act 4 – Group
Big show down at the fight
Kevin – Won – Didn’t de-sequence Javier
Sloane – Won – Arrested Northway instead of killing him
Hunter – Lost – Didn’t prove his worth to the team.

In our showdown, up in the skybox we had a big fight, revealing Tyrone was also re-sequenced but that Sloane could take quite a beating and still deliver the de-sequencing treatment. Siddig started the scene in the ring and ran out when Hunter pulled the power. Javier followed him up and we finally got to see the two of them “really” go at at it. The fight was something out of a Jet Li flick and eventually Rolston tossed Siddig off the landing they were fighting on because Sidding hesitate before delivering the de-sequencing treatment.

The episode ended with Javier walking out of his locker room, the documentation on his re-sequencing in hand.

[1] The test used to determine if someone has been genetically re-sequenced. Invented by the founder of the re-sequencing technology Curtis Hunter, and taught to all those who deal in re-sequencing, Curtis is the the most proficient person alive that can administer it.

What rocked

As Siddig’s spotlight gets closer, I really like his issue of being exposed is coming to a head. I want him to not only have the chance of being exposed but also of doing something horrible to protect his secret.

I used a lot of flashbacks during my scenes to show who Siddig used to be. An overweight cop who got his ass handed to him when he chased down his first “gene freak”. I’m enjoying leading up to what Kevin would have been without the treatment.

Lenny is a mind reader or something. Javier and Kevin had stories VERY much alike. I love the parallels.

Sloane’s scenes with Convington and subsequent discussion with Frank was great. I can’t wait to see that explode.

I’m really glad I was able to tie Curtis in to the show more, now he’s like a father figure to two of us. It also means Siddig has a reason to be protective of him and resentful of him at the same time. I also really like the idea that Curtis made Siddig as his final act, his masterpiece.

The basketball scene in the beginning was just great. I love that Sidding and Sloane playing basketball has become part of the show.

Frank’s issue is being hinted at a lot, which is great as it’s going to come up later. Unfortunately, that also seems limiting (see below).

Lenny using his scenes to move the plot/story forward is awesome, it enforces that the “action” keeps moving along amidst all our inner turmoil.

What could have improved

When a character’s issue isn’t anywhere need the center of attention, it can be really hard to figure out what question to ask in a scene. Frank, for example doesn’t really want to hit his issue on the head just yet, but does want to build up to it. We looked up the rules and realized you could have scenes not about your issue (either about the plot or about your relationships with other cast members), which is promising. I think that will be useful in the future.

I’d like to look more at the idea of framing scenes that aren’t about your character. This has come up a few times. where it seemed like the best scene to frame was about another cast member. Next episode is Siddig’s spotlight, so I doubt I’ll do it then, but after that I’m going to try and be very good at looking at what needs to happen for the story and/or character development when it comes time for me to frame a scene.

I’m not sure the economy is really working. In both episodes we had a single scene for the 4th act. While it didn’t dissapoint me, I’m not sure Lenny would have been able to make it through three scenes with the budget he had. Maybe he would have been fine (I mean he did draw 5 cards, he could have split that up) but I’d like to see it tested out to make sure the budget is working.

A weird disconnect between the desired outcomes, spending fan mail, edges and connections. Sometimes we’re trying to lose (giving fan mail to the director), sometimes we set the stakes that if we win, our character fails, and sometimes we’re using edges and connections to push for a result that may be counter to what they are meant for. This s a little complicated and I don’t think I’m explaining it well here, but I know Lenny knows what I’m talking about here.

Actual Play – Blue Gene: Episode 1 (4/18/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

Scheduling this game has been a bit rocky. All of our schedules are pretty crazy AND we didn’t think to immediately schedule the first show after we finished the pilot. You could say we were waiting to see what the studio said about it…but that is way to meta.

We started a bit late (8:30) I think but all agreed that we didn’t need to finish and episode in a single session, which was a good thing, we didn’t get anywhere close (finished the first act and half of the second).

So this is what you missed last time on Blue Gene.

Screen Presence:

Kevin: 2
Sloane: 1
Hunter: 1

Act 1 – Opening Scene

A dark briefing room.

Lenny likes opening up the shows with our worn out LT telling us how much he hates his job and giving us a case. This time he also mentioned that there was no mention whatsoever of ramifications for the excessive force used on the last case. Kevin thanked him for having our backs but he denied it, turning to Frank he said “you must know the prince of darkness himself, to get you guys out of this mess.” Frank just nodded and we moved onto the case:

Javier Rolston, a MMA prize fighter had recently shown up on the radar as a potential re-sequencer. His last few bouts had ended too quickly and the speed of his fastest punches and kicks were breaking records left and right. Within human capacity? It was hard to tell.

I decided, perhaps to complicate things, but also to make them more personal that Kevin adored this guy, thought the world of him, and refused to admit that he could have re-sequenced.

Act 1 – Kevin Siddig

I had wanted a basketball scene since last game and this seemed to be as good a time as any to have one. Sloane and Siddig were playing ball down in the precinct gym (which, by the way, I decided was Kevin’s personal set). Siddig’s style was fast and accurate, Sloane was efficient with his energy, charging straight down the line and checking Siddig out of his way to make the shot. As they played the banter made it clear that a) whoever had the ball got to talk and b) whoever won the game, won the argument. The argument? Could Rolston possibly be a gene-freak or was this just wasting our time? Kevin, in his heart wanted to believe in Javier, Sloane didn’t care, this was just a job and we were going to do the job.

When the ball went out of bounds Frank would pick it up, add in his two cents and then toss it back in.

Flip – Director wins. Kevin has the last word.

Kevin was doing everything he could to suppress his abilities in this game. First off, he didn’t want to cheat and second, he couldn’t afford to create any more suspicion. His act worked to well though, and when the score was tied up with one point to go, Sloane powered forward, delivered a brutal quip about Siddig letting it get to personal, and then knocked him on his ass to shoot the final shot.

We flashed back to a earlier Siddig, out of shape and a little portly, chasing a perp down the street and running out of breath. He watched as the perp scaled up a nearly sheer wall in bewilderment and looked down at his father’s watch, which fit his heavier wrist perfectly.

As they were all walking out, Siddig was the last to go. He casually tossed the ball from full court and dropped it through the hoop, nothing but net.

Act 1 – Sloane

Sloane likes to get the job done, which is a good fit for Rich, who likes to move the story as well. He framed the next scene in the skybox with Sloane, Siddig and Terrance, a promoter. We agreed that as we were undercover agents, our cast had to be very versatile and excellent at taking on whatever role was necessary. Suddenly the show got a very “Burn Notice” feel to it.

Sloane showed up as Joey Sloane, manager for an up and coming fighter Kevin, aka “Cujo”. The promoter of course didn’t want to put an untested fighter anywhere near the championship fight but with some bribes and a little showing off, Sloane convinced him to put Kevin on the card, albeit not fighting Rolston. Most importantly though, we got invitations to a big part happening in a few days, where every who’s who would be there, including Rolston’s manager, Tyrone Northway.

Flip – Sloane wins and has the last word.

As Will Smith said when he first joined MIB: “I make this shit look good.” As did Sloane.

Act 1 – Frank Hunter

Hunter’s scene was set in very pricey restaurant, with himself and Daniel Covington, Sloane’s ex-wife. I was channeling Kevin a bit as the scene rolled on. The longer he talked to Covington, the larger I made the font for his character concept: The “douchebag” in Internal Affairs. It ended at 18 point, bold.

They met and Covington was pleased to see that Hunter was a man of taste (as well as means). She ordered the most expensive wine on the menu and then didn’t drink a sip, just to make a point.

The both wanted something from each other. Frank wanted eyes on the manager Northway and for her to lay off Sloane. Danielle wanted to be made an official police informant and see some of Hunter’s confidential files. The real question became whether or not her would give out gene sequencing information.

Flip – Hunter wins and has the last word.

Answer, hell no. He made her and informant and then immediately started piling on the demands. Convington would be one busy girl.

Act 2 – Opening scene.

Sloane and Shawn in the computer room, viewing the interface. Shawn tells him it’s going to get hard to Rolston, he’s protected by Northway, who watches him like a hawk. Also, chances are very good that Northway is dirty, really dirty.

Act 2 – Kevin Siddig

As soon as the promoter mentioned a party, I knew I wanted to make a big scene of it. Cameras flashing, newscasters doing interviews and all the important people in one place. I think I placed every person in the game except the DA and the LT (only because I couldn’t figure out a way to put them there)

We had some awesome hob nobbing of Hunter and Covington putting on a show as reporters and being familiar enough that Sloane nearly lost his own act. He kept it though and managed to meet Tyrone and get into his good graces, only moments before Kevin blew the whole place up. Could Sloane keep his cool, despite the distraction of watching Hunter and Covington whispering in each other’s ears?

I had been wanting to start some crazy shit for a while and this was perfect. Kevin had walked in in his boxing shorts to the party, which had a boxing ring in the middle of it and Javier was showing off some moves for the camera. Kevin goaded Javier into fighting him right then and there in an unofficial bout. Could Kevin put up a good fight with a world class fighter and NOT show off that he was re-sequenced?

Flip – Kevin and Sloane win, and Director has the last word.

Yes and Yes.

Sloane pulled off his cover miraculously, so much so that he snubbed his ex out of getting the story (other reporters flooded in while she was distracted). He talked to Tyrone and made a deal for their two respective fighter to have an official match.

Kevin did his best to keep up with Javier without looking too good. We had some cool scenes watching Javier through Kevin’s perspective, moving in slow motion and learning his moves on the fly as they fought. To make it look viable, Kevin cheated. He looked to Sloane for the nod and then turned off his repulsor so that a kick to Javier’s neck would drop him. The fighter saw this though and in a lighting fast move elbowed Siddig’s controls, breaking them and thus making it look like the malfunction was an accident. He looked up bewildered at Siddig “You gotta keep it in the ring man.” A message Kevin wasn’t fully sure he understood. One thing was certain in Kevin’s mind though, Javier is re-sequenced. A hero has fallen.

What rocked

Though we didn’t finish and episode, this session moved along pretty well. All of our scenes had solid direction, often with the questions being obvious.

Sometimes I feel like games keep the players at bay from the awesome, as though once they have done the awesome, their won’t be anything left to reward them with, so we have to keep teasing them with the chance of getting the awesome but never (or rarely delivering). Imagine a dragon riding setting where the players never get on the back of a dragon. This game is the opposite of that. We’re not playing nobody characters try to make it big, this last case showed that we are playing the “best”. Sloane and Siddig are THE re-sequencing team, and Hunter is THE guy to make their operations possible. We’re the stars, and we do thing like the stars do, like break our way into a championship MMA competition and cheat our way up to fighting the champion. That is awesome stuff. Mulder and Scully got nothing on us…well except for Gillian Anderson and David Duchovney, but still!

Lenny made a very good play in using his opening scene to advance the plot. It was an exposition scene that revealed another complication. It was pretty short, but pointed us at Tyrone and gave the case a little more oomph. As the players are chiefly concerned with their own issues, having the director pushing plot points onto the scene is very important. I dug it.

What could have improved

This is the second game where I’ve bet against myself, giving the director fan mail for me to lose a conflict. It seems like there is something wrong with that situation, because if what I want is the lose condition, that that should be the win condition, or something like that. As is, it seems a little like we’re using the cards to determine possible outcomes, but with no particular agenda. I’m all down with losing (clearly, I’ve bet against myself twice) but I think players should want to win their stakes, otherwise they don’t become win/lose options, they are more like either/or. Hmm…

I wanted to do more with Siddig’s flashbacks, I want to reveal how he became re-sequenced and why he hates “gene freaks” so much (which by the way, I don’t know yet, other than vaguely it being attached to his father and that he used to be a “normal” cop).

I’m kind of “meh” about screen presence. I always have been.  I understand occasionally having call outs to specific characters (like Xander in the The Zepo) but as a general format I think the character with the most compelling story is going to take center stage. Also the notion that win less if you are less important seems weird, it seems that you should have less scene instead.  Anyway, just kind of strange mechanic to me.

Actual Play – Blue Gene: Pilot (3/31/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

Yes! The pilot of our new show, Blue Gene. The game is set in a Distopian 2059 where gene re-sequencing has changed the definition of human existence. Like the atom bomb, a vampire from his coffin, or artificial intelligence, once the genie was let out of the bottle it can’t be put back in, only that is exactly what our characters, LAPD cops, are required to do every day. Part of a special task force Siddig (Nittner) and Sloane (Rogers) are undercover agents who investigate, root out, and desequence illegal users of the re-sequencing technology, or as Siddig likes to call them: Gene Freaks. The mission just prior to the show went wrong, leading to departmental demand for an oversight from Internal Affairs. Enter Francis “Frank” Hunter (White), the douchebag from IA, who is ostensibly there to monitor the two officers, but like both of them, spends his time grappling with his own personal tragedies, in this case a dying father who refuses treatment.

Acutal Play Report