Actual Play – Episode 2, Part 2 (8/25/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

Super late in writing this up. Shame on me. So this is what I can remember.


An awesome showdown/Mexican standoff in the street with all of us pointing guns at each other. Sophia makes off with the tech but Sloane OWNS Siddig. “Okay, I know what you are now. I can turn you in at any moment. That means you are mine!”

Final show down wasn’t a fight, it was a discussion. The man who made Sophia didn’t think she would take the cure…because he knew she couldn’t handle being normal.

Siddig won her over by dropping the “I love you” bomb on her. She took the cure. End.

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