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My best beard to date. The beard of kings!

I’m Sean Nittner. Gamer. Podcaster. Convention Organizer. Twitch Streamer. Evil Hat Project Manager. Cal Performances System Administrator.

This site is a collection of my gaming projects and actual play reports from all the games I’ve been in from 2008-2018. It is effectively my gaming resume. Check it out.

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Twitter: @seannittner

Story Games, Burning Wheel Forums, and other gamer havens as, you guessed it, seannittner

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  1. Hey Sean! Just heard y’all talking about new Band of Blades Character sheets coming out a few weeks ago in Episode 12 of the Actual Play episode!

    Our fearless legion is fighting the undead using the beta character sheets and I was wondering if there was a link to the new ones!

    Love all the Forged in the Dark games and hacks (Playing a Vigilante Blades crew as well!) and love to see all the roll20 goodies!

  2. Hi, I’m VERY new to BitD and am still trying to wrap my head around something. My issue comes from being a DND DM and figuring out how much prep I need to do. For example, in your download The Score: Gaddoc Rail, Do I (the DM) choose the patron, score, and complication or do the players? If the players… how do I prep for that? Sorry for the newb questions but thought it better to ask than to be confused and give up.

    1. Hi David, welcome to Blades! I put the sheet out at the start of the game and have the players pass it around to make choices. One of the great things about Blades is that little or no prep is needed for the game. By making the choices they’re telling you what kind of score they’re interested doing, and you’re primary job is to ask questions about how they are doing it, and play the world reacting to them, for good or ill. In each of my one shot’s I always ask them to choose some threat as well (in the case of Gaddoc Rail, it’s the complications section), but when they players are making characters, I usually ask about their enemies and rivals as well to see if any of them might be getting involved in some way.

      For (a lot) more on the shift in paradigm when running Blades, I recommend checking out the community site, there are tons of great discussion there. https://community.bladesinthedark.com/

      1. Thanks for the reply!
        My hardback copy of Blades just came in the mail last night.
        So, I guess I’m so used to the dnd trope of the Quest Giver. Blades doesn’t seem to do that, though. The players create their own fun. I guess I’m afraid mine might need a little more guidance, coming from 5e. I thought of making a One-Shot to introduce them to the world and mechanics. You’re all in prison, break out, downtime, discover the one who put you there is in a place, get revenge. Very Count of Monte Cristo.

        Anyways, thanks again! I’m very interested in the Vigilantes supplement.

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