Actual Play – Episode 2, Part 1 (8/11/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

Super late in writing this up. Shame on me. So this is what I can remember.


This was Siddig’s spotlight episode. I was quite ready to see him crack and turn on his friends in a serious way (specifically genetically re-sequencing them to remove their memories). Didn’t happen, but it was on my mind.
The crime? Sophia was being hunted, the people that “made” her wanted to keep her and she wanted out. However she had the schematics to “cure” her. Removing all over her serious narcotic addictions but also making her a “normal” again.
I remember some confusion about who the “cure” was meant for. The problem with having lots of re-sequenced people in the story.

Siddig convinced the LT to let him use the labs (or at least not pay attention while he used the labs) to synthesize the re-sequencing technology needed. It was totally crooked, but Frank vouched for him, in part because he sympathized with him, in part because he never thought Siddig would use it. Ha!

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