Actual Play – Episode 3 (9/15/2011)

Director: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers and Scott White
System: PTA

Super late in writing this up. Shame on me. So this is what I can remember.


(I think this was actually two game sessions but I can’t find the 2nd date in my calendar)

Sloane’s spotlight episode. Sloane’s issue was so much more “real” than Siddg’s. What do you do with a broken marriage? How do you overcome your own feelings of inadequacy? All season long I have loved playing my bionic-man character, but totally been rooting for Sloane. He’s is the “man.”

Lenny had been talking to me about this forever. He was so excited to drop this bomb on Sloane he couldn’t hold it in.

Danielle walks into the restaurant that Sloane and Mallory are having dinner in and drops the bomb on Sloane “I want you back”. Oh it was good. Sloane was just… just …stupefied.

Mallory caught Siddig getting out of the shower in the precinct and won him over. You should help me because I’m the one who hasn’t broken his heart. Nice one.

This was the game of no crime. Like there as a crime going on but none of us cared about what it was. We just had scene as crime scenes but without them mattering. It was hilarious.

Because of a total brain fart on my part I had Siddig say to Sloane that his girlfriend had cheated on him and he was pissed at her. It was meant to be a solidarity thing between Sloane and Siddig but I totally forgot Siddig had just gotten together with Sophia. Wow! Covered for in in a later scene by having it start with Siddig, Frank and Sophia drinking beers in Siddig’s kitchen and Sophia saying “You told him WHAT?” It was a fun cover up.

We found out Frank’s set piece. A strip club called the Gran(D)(D)esign. Yeah. Classy. Apparently there is is the MAN.  Also Sloane totally lost it on some guy in there and ended up pistol whipping some guy he thought was part of the crime. That Sloane was nearly undressed at the time (and we are rated NC-17) we were all glad used his handgun for this pistol whipping. Ha!

Sloane it turns out was avoiding both of them. Something Siddig gave him MUCH shit about. To the extent of getting in a fight in front of a bunch of other cops and Sloane getting suspended for his actions.

While suspected Siddig and Frank got in totally over their heads and were trapped behind their car that was being riddled with bullets. Sloane had to break his suspension to pull their asses out of the fire (yep, I framed that scene, it was awesome).

The episode ended with Slaone walking off the plane onto a tropical island…with Danielle!

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