Big Bad Con: October 17-19

flyer-2014-webI’m super excited about Big Bad Con! This year I’m working to do these things:

  • Improve open gaming by having flags to indicate “player wanted” which can be put on a table when looking for players.
  • Last year we had food trucks on Saturday and Sunday. This year we’re adding more of them over more hours, including Friday!
  • Games on Demand is possibly getting a bigger space (depending on how many GMs sign up).
  • We’ve added tags to games, so you can identify (and search) for your games based on descriptors like: investigation, collaborative, or fantasy.
  • MOAR GAMES!!!! Game Listing


Panels at GenCon

GenCon logo

Panels I’ll be on at GenCon

Project Management for Game Publishers and Freelancers – Thursday 9 AM

Industry Project Managers Jessica Price (Paizo), Sean Nittner (Evil Hat), and Phil Vecchione (Engine Publishing) will discuss useful skills that anyone can use to help improve the quality of their products and prevent projects from falling behind or stalling out completely. While this session is designed for people without project management experience, it will also be informative for those with some background in the discipline. Topics will include scope and change, processes and scheduling, and team management. There will be time for a Q&A, so bring your project management questions for the panel to answer.

State of The Hat – Thursday 5PM

Find out the skinny on what’s happening with Evil Hat in 2014 and beyond! Plus an inside look into the making of our products. Find out who wears the Evil Hat.

Look Under The Hat – Thursday 7PM

Evil Hat’s central nervous system Fred Hicks, Rob Donoghue, Chris Hanrahan, Carrie Harris, and Sean Nittner will all be here to answer your questions about Evil Hat, our products, and our people!

Square One at EndGame

endgame_logoSquare One is the monthly roleplaying game event at EndGame! They’ve recruited a full slate of great GMs who will run one-shot sessions of their favorite games for both veteran roleplayers and beginners alike – all are welcome! EndGame is also going to be running a special kids table with games specifically for children ages 5-10.

There is no fee for these events!

Here is the event’s page sign ups:

Big Bad Con – October 4-6

bad-facing-leftI’m super excited about Big Bad Con! This year I’m working to do these things:

  • Improve open gaming by having flags to indicate “player wanted” which can be put on a table when looking for players.
  • There are three additional staff members in the kitchen during the game breaks to help speed up the food service.
  • Games on Demand is being remodeled again, based on the GenCon format by Steve Segedy.
  • We’re spreading out and putting fewer games in the boardrooms (3 instead of 4) to reduce noise and make it easier to get to your game.
  • I’ve added a Code of Conduct, something that should have been there in the first place.
  • We’ve added tags to games, so you can identify (and search) for your games based on descriptors like: investigation, collaborative, or fantasy.
  • Adding an iPhone and Android app – Big Bad Mobile
  • MOAR GAMES!!!! Game Listing

Here’s some of the awesome things people said about last year: 2012 Testimonials

Improv for Gamers Level 2 – July 13th at EndGame

I’m incredibly thrilled the workshop has thrived and grown. Now we’re offering a second level!

As a gamer you may have heard that improv is closely tied to role-playing, especially in narrative-based games. It’s true, improv theater teaches many skills that can make your game rock: collaboration, embracing failure, and taking risks. The goal of this workshop series is to highlight those skills (and more!) as they apply to role-playing games through improv exercises and scenework.

Level 1
Level 1 focuses on exploring dynamic characters, collaborative scene-building, and the success/complication model. Beginners to improv are welcome and encouraged!

Want to attend Level 1 in 2013? Come to Big Bad Con in Oakland, October 4-6!

Level 2
We are expanding our content with GMs in mind. Level 2 will explore story-building, pacing, and finding the beat in scenes, as well as doing advanced scenework. For this workshop we ask that attendees have some prior improv experience (yes, just the Level 1 workshop counts!).

Attend the  Level 2 workshop July 13, 2013 at EndGame in Oakland. Registration start June 15th!


EndGame MiniCon – November 3rd

Although I can’t attend, I’ve still have the privilege of working with Chris Hanrahan and Mike Montessa to do the go live with event signs ups (using Event Manager) on the EndGame website. If you were one of the people trying to sign up right at noon, we did have a few hiccups that were caused a) by some software updates that changed the way events were displayed and b) because a few pages had been removed that needed to be manually recreated.  We had the whole thing back up in under and hour and the game sign ups have been going swimmingly since then.

If you’re interested there are still some great games with openings. I wish I could go. Check them all out at:

Howl of The Wolf


As Memorial day approaches, The Wolf wants to deputize fellow gamers to spread the “Howl of The Wolf”. In exchange, you get to be part of the con (listed in the credits as an supporter), get a shiny “Howl of The Wolf 2012” pin, and get a matching “Howl of The Wolf” badge for profile.

What The Wolf wants from you:

The Wolf has a big pile of shiny Big Bad Con Fliers and Business cards to hand out. You get a stack of 10 of each (or more if you want them). Give them out at your games or to people you talk to at the con.

What The Wolf will provide:

When The Wolf sees you at Kubla Con, he’ll had over the fliers and business cards. The Wolf will also link you to a the “Howl of The Wolf” badge you can add to your profile.

When you attend Big Bad Con, you’ll receive a special “Howl of the Wolf 2012” pin, which is only available to gamers who help advertise for the con in advance.

How to do it:

Simple, let The Wolf know you’re interested by joining this event on Facebook, commenting below, or emailing and he’ll arrange getting you the promotional material as well as get your name as you want it to appear on the credits for the con.

If you’re not attending Kubla Con but still want to spread the word (amongst your local gamers, at a store, at StrategiCon, etc) The Wolf is happy with that too, just let him know that when you click “Yes” and he’ll make arrangements to get you the goods.

More info at: or email

Big Bad Con

Convention Website:

Problem: There aren’t enough good weekend long RPG conventions in the Bay Area. My Answer: Big Bad Con! I’ve talked to Japji Khalsa (of Kublacon), Chris Hanrahan (EndGame in Oakland), Doug Daulton (of Neoncon), Matt Steele (of Dead of Winter), and Ryan Macklin (of Go Play SF Bay and The Internet). I’m put all the ideas from these great minds together to create one awesome con.

Some of our highlights from last year:

Big Bad GM – 4 GMs compete in a zero prep game with three secret ingredients given to them…the moment the games stats!

Imperial Academy Dropouts: The Big Bad’s own nerd cord band rocked out with tunes like Convention Lover and of course Hungry like the Wolf.

Over 70 Indie/Small Press games on the roster. Big Bad is the west coast indie con!