Narrative Control – Episode 81 – Sincere Emotions in Play

Hi, and welcome back to the show! This episode was recorded many moons ago (June 2014), lost, found, and released! A bunch of fantastic perspectives on sincere emotions in games.

Host: Sean Nittner

Guests: Matthew Klein, Avery Alder McDaldno, and Shaun Hayworth

Length: 47:52

[00:27] Intro to the show. Amazing experiences gaming with Avery McDaldno, Shaun Hayworth, and Matthew Klein.
[03:26] Do you seek to get an emotional response consciously in game, or do you let it occur as a result of the action in the game?
10:40] Does this ever backfire and force an emotion that is artificial?
[12:30] How does it happen? How do you know that your group is ready to play an emotional game?
[20:25] Prime your emotional responses upfront. Example: Bliss Stage, Monsterhearts, Ribbon Drive.
[25:47] Finding the safety valve – looking at the system and playing good faith.
[28:20] Game length affecting emotional capacity. Intensity wearing you down.
[33:02] When is this a detriment to game? Being mindful of triggers. Using X-cards. Taking breaks.
[43:30] Check yourself.
[46:16] Gamers needs changing with age.

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