Narrative Control – Episode 82 – Iterative Development

Hi, and welcome back to the show! This episode I have Rob Donoghue and Vincent Baker on to respond to episode 80 and discus their thoughts on the current state of design.

Host: Sean Nittner

Guests: Vincent Baker and Rob Donoghue

Length: 45:14

[00:26] Introduction to the show. Welcoming Vincent and Rob.
[01:46] Vincent’s reaction to episode 80.
[08:00] Rob’s reaction.
[09:13] Defining Design. Where I get it all wrong.
[15:40] Distinction between GMing, Expansibility, and Hacking.
[19:08] Seeking authority on “how to do it right.”
[23:32] Design intent for Fate and Apocalypse World.
[24:50] Impact of Fate and Apocalypse World on the design sphere.
[38:36] Adding to the influences available in design.
[40:37] My roast of Luke. I am not Stephen Colbert.

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