Actual Play – Thin Black Line Character Creation (12/6/2017)

GM: Dennis Jordan
Players: Regina Jordan, Adrienne Mueller, Eric Fattic, Karen Twelves, and Sean Nittner
System: Shadowrun 5th Edition

After quite some time since our Kingmaker game the Daughters of Aloria return in a game of Knight Errant officers, the police force of Seattle in 2072. From the Shadowrun Wiki:

March 15: The Seattle government does not renew Lone Star’s contract, citing its poor handling of the tempo crisis. The city negotiates a new contract with Knight Errant.

Rather than playing as Shadowrunners, we’re playing as cops, which is something I had trepidation about. Would we be the people investigating how corporate greed made everyone in the system suffer, or would we be the ones administering the suffering? We talked about it as a group quite a bit and agreed to play folks looking for justice, and further that the organization we worked for (Knight Errant) wasn’t perfect, but they were trying to uphold their mandate of keeping Seattle safe rather than acting as pawns of the AAA corps.

Character Creation

Ashley “Ash” Pemberton (Regina) – An ork both connected with Project Freedom (metahuman rights activists) and her family in the south. Seeking for the Ork underground acknowledged as a district within the city, Ash is pushing for Prop 23 to go through!

Byron Prescott (Adrienne) – Ex-pilot for Ares Macrotechnology, who had a mission that went south and he wasn’t the same after it. Suffering from insomnia, disassociation, and PTSD, Prescott was considered no longer fit for duty, however his connections with Ares ensured he’d have a position withing the company. And thus he found himself grounded, but still working for Ares.

Lyssa Brighton (Eric) – Raised in a commune the “Concordance of the Stars” and then when that fell apart moved into the foster system and later adopted by parents that pointed her to Catholicism and eventually to MITT under the Dunkelzahn under the HERBS (High Exposure to Radical Belief Systems) program.  Now a mage for KE! Wow, her resume is varied!

Toshiro Hakada (Sean) – A Lone Star officer when they had the contract for Seattle. He got mixed up with Tiffani Brackhaven (the governor’s niece) and the Tempo drug bust, only to find out who was really funding some of the anti-metahuman actions, Toshiro had to look like he was dirty. He that the smallest shred of a case of corruption against Governor Kenneth Brackhaven, but it was something to build off of. That was until Lone Star lost their contract, and anyone that would have trusted him got shipped off to Corpus Christi. He’s still trying to finish that case, but also trying to shed the bad rep of being a cop on the take. Neither are easy.

Tuesday Larsen (Karen) – Grew up in the suburbs of LA, the single child of a well-enough off parents who love here dearly. She was a latchkey kid and the Matrix was her babysitter, always staying appraised of the general zeitgeist, shifting trends and the best MMORPGs. At a young age she dabbled in hacking and discovered her abilities as a Technomancer. Several companies tried to scoop her up. First Horizon, which seemed like they might have been stand up folks but deeper digging showed they had their own skeletons. Wanting to do some good she joined Knight Errant, who gladly added a Technomancer to their salary.

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