Actual Play – Into Bellweather (12/7/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves,  Adrienne Mueller, and Eric Fattig
System: Blades in the Dark

Notes I jotted down months ago. I pray they make some sense

Through her contact Elke was able to gain entrance back into Bellweather, where they delivered the lightning cage….just as the power to it was failing!

Elke continued to power the field with her Tempest but it only last a moment. She needed an incredible amount of energy to sustain it.

Yadvyga tapped into her demonic nature and took it’s form.

  • A sea demon, humanoid with bestial features.
  • Hard carapace of metal plates.
  • Razor sharp claws
  • Glassy crab eyes
  • Forked tongue and split mandibles.
  • Kylastra!

Hix, terrified, but also seeing a possibility attached her electorplasimc conduits into the cage and plunged the receptors on the other end into the demon in front of her. If refined blood would power the cage, perhaps pure blood from a living demon, ignited by the Keeper of the Flame, could do the same! Acting as a human conduit she funnelled enough energy in to the cage to keep it sealed… and to reveal Kylastra and the Keeper of the Flame to all the Spirit Wardens in the Bellweather.

They were… surprised. As was the Keeper, who screamed a whisper of truth into Hix’s mind “The dependence on demons will be the downfall of humanity.”

A Fine Entrance

When the senior wardens arrived, Elke told them that they must take the lighting cage to the incinerator, otherwise 144 ghosts would break free and if they were lucky just kills us all, if we weren’t form a spirit well right here in the Bellweather!

This… was a compelling argument, but so was the demon in their antechamber! The Warden split. One masked warden to take them to the incinerator and the others to stay (with a Hull) to capture the demon in their presence.

The Ghost Field

An electroplasmic arrestor shot from the chest of the hull and flew towards Kylastra. Meanwhile the two masked wardens began dragging a chain around her and beginning a ritual that hasn’t been performed in their lifetime.

Yadvyga attempted to enter the ghost field but her new physiology was incompatible, and so, had to shed her demonic form. Literally, ripping the carapace from her skin to enter the ghost field and disappear. [Ouch, it was level 4 harm, resisted down to level 3]

Into the Crematorium

Hix and Elke convinced the spirit wardens to try putting the lightening cage into the incinerator, which they learned also has a spirit well in it, it’s what they use to make sure ghosts don’t escape.  What happens when two spirit wells collide? That’s just what Elke, Hix and Scurlock want to know.

And the answer is:

  • A spirit warden took her mask off, called herself Leanna and told Elke she needed to leave Doksvol, and never return.
  • She also told them that Bazran was a spy for the Spirit Wardens and had been reporting on the Spectral Society for over a year.
  • Oh, and a massive explosion rocked Bellweather, destroyed the incinerator, nearly killed Hix and Elke (also destroyed the spirit cocoon in Hix) and,
  • The opposing polarity of the spirit wells repulsed all ghost matter away from them (in other parts of the tower, ejecting Yadvyga, violently, from the ghost field)

One Last bit of Business

Yadvyga, bleeding, concussed, and confused, made her way to the top of Bellweather, found the room that Naria Strangford was held in and affixed the token Needle provided her on the door, and then took a big step back, just before a storm cloud formed above and lightning struck the tower, blowing up a huge section of it, including the protections around Naria’s chambers. Dragging herself a long, Yadvyga helped Naria leap from debris down into a hay cart below (heck yeah flashbacks!)

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