Actual Play – The Fires Burn DEEP! (1/28/2008)

GM: Sean Nittner
System: Burning Wheel

Wow, Wednesday’s Burning Wheel game rocked. Jordan was corrupted by Mannoroth, exchanging the pollution of another knight for his own. He terrified his betrothed and discovered Jamie, just as she was trying eviscerate him. This WILL continue to heat up and I’m looking forward to it.

Genn on the other hand came back expecting a triumphant praise but was met with Arthas’ disdain for abandoning his post. He then found veteran sergeant Leon Musgrave in captivity for slighting his name and spreading rumors of his descent. The two were locked in confrontation as Leon, protected by Uther of all people, could not be slain outright and held the secret that could bring down Genn’s fame and glory.

Captain Luke faced his most brutal encounter on the battle field ever. Not only were the ors using there black blood magic, but they also had a warrior filled with unending rage. His enchantments made him indestructible, while he savaged the human who were pitted against him. To add to that a demon was summoned, vile and surrounded by poisonous fumes, he destroyed all those in his presense. Armed with only mortal magics and human troops, Luke’s forces suffered horrible losses and the advantage he originally posses was turn against him. On a personal front however, he did succeed to completely ostracize himself from Uther, while driving a wedge even deeper between him and Arthas.

What rocked

Hell, what didn’t? I loved the Duel of Wits between Luke and Uther, they started pensive and end both going for kill.

The dynamic relationships of NPCs who shift sides and have motivations that affect and interact the PCs has been great. I’m really happy that the players have as much an agenda with the NPCs as they do with each other, it creates a very rich setting.

Jordan blew the hell out of an Ork ritual room. They have not more implements of torture… they have now way to summon forth another demon… except of course, through HIM!

Failed rolls that were still interesting, in fact more interesting that success. Cleanse the taint? Sure…but you get it instead!

The heroes finally got back together. Jordan had some success in stopping the ritual from proceeding. Genn returned with Dwarven reinforcements. Luke is quickly becoming the dominant force amongst the Alliance. Let’s see how they all get along now!

Paladin Death From Above… What do you do when five Armored Paladins leap down from a ledge, surrounded by a field of force preventing them from harm, whilst they swing giant Lucerne Hammers into your skull? You die, that’s what you do. You die a lot. Wow, that was uber!

What could have been improved

Genn didn’t get a lot of screen time; we need to give him some love next session.

Still looking up a lot of rules, which slowed things down. I NEED to get that GM screen so I have them handy. Should be arriving soon.

6 thoughts on “Actual Play – The Fires Burn DEEP! (1/28/2008)”

  1. I’m excited about being tainted. Should make the whole thing much more interesting.

    Also, I love having a G6 Superior Hammer, but I’m finding myself not overly interested in using it, heh. Not that I don’t want it…just that it’s not as interesting as other stuff.

    Finally: B6 Faith, baby! Miracles, here I come!

    1. I may have very sad news. Your last faith test… the minor miracle that you performed to cleanse the taint. The test failed. Sadly Faith and Resources tests only advance if they succeed. Was that the test that bumped you to B6 or was it another that I’m forgetting about?

      1. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckola.

        Here’s the thing though: If I’d remembered that, or thought to ask about that, I would have forked in at least 3 more dice, and probably not sent the men away to get their dice, since I didn’t really WANT the taint (although it was a neat consequence).

        So…what should we do?

        I’d be cool with:

        a) keeping it as is, even though it is my fault, and maybe taking a bigger consequence somewhere along the line

        b) retconning it and making the roll

        c) something else that isn’t what’s below

        I’m not overly cool with losing the point AND still failing the roll. Yeah, I forgot, but I think I was pretty clear that I needed one more test for raising it, etc, and no one voiced “hey, it doesn’t work that way if you fail.” I mean, if you feel strongly, sure, but it’ll bum me out a bit since the stakes were so high that I wouldn’t have wanted to risk it if I didn’t think I had a guaranteed skill bump.

        However, if you are going to use the taint to do something really cool, like bringing in K’T and doing something with that contact, I’d consider it, especially if K’T comes to do me a favor (like giving me a firebomb making kit) as part of the taint and trying to win me back over.

        1. I think the reason why you didn’t have the Silver Hand aid you was that it wouldn’t have provided the difficult test you wanted. 5 ob 5 is difficult, 8 ob 5 is routine.

          However, even so I’m going with option A. I’m not a fan of going back and chaning things that bone players. I will think on how to add in another complication up ahead.

          1. *nod* didn’t think you would be. 😉

            Not to play semantics, but what I wanted was the b6 faith. I thought I was guaranteed it if I tried a difficult thing. I completely forgot that faith is something I have to succeed at (which I will make a note of for future games).

            Not trying to be a whiner, if it came off that way, sorry.

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