Actual Play Report – 7th Sea (1/26/2009)

System: 7th Sea

Damn this has been a lot of gaming. Four games in 4 days. I’d say I’m spent but I’ve got Burning Warcraft tonight and D&D coming back up on Friday. I’ll sleep when I’m dead I suppose.

The game wrapped up on Monday, we delivered the last of the letters and overthrew the evil black guard. We fought an impossible fight, eventually surrendered but met a chaplain who showed us a secret passage out of the dungeons and helped redeem the enfeebled Kaius (sp?).

What rocked

The wine. No really, the La Crema Pinot Noir that mrboy gave me some time ago came out and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit because of it.

A missing player returns. We lost both of our Musketeers and I was happy to have Felix du Chat return in the last adventure. Some of our gags had gotten stale and he brought some novelty to the game. Rock.

What could have been improved

The wine. Yeah, it was fun for me, but I think we were being obnoxious as all hell. None of us were drunk (we each drank about one glass) but we were definitely relaxing our inhibitions and turning the game more into a festival of jokes than an RPG session. I had fun, but I’m not sure those who came later ( the GM and one of the players) did.

Clearly our GM was tired. He didn’t think the game was that night and we dragged him into it. He made a valiant effort but I could tell there were times he just needed us to shut up so he could read in the module and was getting somewhat overwhelmed by our pranks and constant demand for story progression.

And now we’re on to L5R. I’m looking forward to an L5R game that is somewhat long term where our characters can have some in game development as people. I’m thinking I’d like to try a Shugenja again, leaning towards a Crab Kuni or a Dragon (don’t remember the name) Fire based Shugenja. We’ll see when we get together for character creation.


  1. La Crema is the sh!t. I’m glad it was enjoyed during a game!

  2. Tamori is the family, I think.

    And yeah, fun game, glad we played, glad we are done.

    Our GM, despite being tired, did a superb job overall for it being his overall attempt at running, and with players as experienced as us.

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