Actual Play – Spirit Wardens Most Wanted (12/12/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves,  Adrienne Mueller, and Eric Fattig
System: Blades in the Dark

Notes I jotted down months ago. I pray they make some sense

Last time two spirit wells formed a spectral repulsion that destroyed all spectral matter in the vicinity, and a lightning bolt destroyed the top third of Bellweather. This making the Doskvol Spectral Society the most wanted criminals in the Spirit Wardens minds.

  • 10 Heat (Devastating Exposure, Hostile Turf, Well Connected Targets, Killing Involved)
  • 6 Rep
  • Faction Status: Spirit Wardens dropped to -3 (at war), Leviathan Hunters +2, Skurlock +1


Elke, went to Wend to be tended to (hiding out in the Six Arms, the Devil Hunters Hall is under lockdown by the Wardens and Bluecoats). Wend was able to hear her normal would, but also found that the sparkcraft in her neck had been damaged during the explosion, and if she could open up the area and get very precise tools in there to separate the entwined wires… so she dove in, and had to cut away more to to remove them [Desperate Tinker, Mixed Result, Caused Level 3 Harm and removed the Spirit Warden brand.

Jadvyga hided out with her friend Frake (cold, shrewd, fierce), who reached out to Malcolm Dundridge to get a new set of clothes from him. She was cut to pieces but sought a new outfit rather than ministration to her wounds (Indulge Vice). Frake didn’t want any trouble, didn’t spare any sympathies for Jadvyga either, but he owed her.

Elke and Nyryx connected, Nyryx possessed her to comfort her [Recovery]

Hix took a look further, into the ghost world behind the vale…


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