Actual Play – Ending the Smear Campaign (9/19/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves,  Adrienne Mueller, and Eric Fattig
System: Blades in the Dark

Notes I jotted down before the game. Did these make sense back then?

Frost comes back with Lizette in manacles. Tells Hix about the investigation, asks what in the Devils she is doing.

Preceptor Dunvil (formally)

Danwood and Harland requested to consult on new cult activity. Someone is luring students into Crow’s Foot. When the come back they’ve started having violent nightmares.

I think this was partial list of gang members (sometimes it’s real hard to remember everyone in the crew)

  • Cavelle (ghost, destroyed)
  • Wester (ex-member, now a Lampblack)
  • Ring (ghost, ex-member, returned to the Path of Echoes)
  • Quintus (ghost, paranoid, insistent, savage)
  • Scapa (ghost, lawyer)
  • Thistle (leader in the True Path cult)
  • Brie (recidivist, part of the True Path cult)
  • Hoxen (ghost, knows the ritual of spirit embalming)
  • Myst (Tycherosi)
  • Leanna (Rosslyn’s of the Gills daughter)
  • Litha (part of True Path cult)
  • Lizette (leader in the True Path cult)
  • Irelen (former member of the Dimmer Sisters, broken)

More fallout stuff

The office of the Ministry of Preservation claims that the City Council are harboring rogue spirits any the council members have refused to comply with their attempt to investigate. Lady Slane is taking members of the council to appear before a magistrate. Judge Moria presiding.

Lord Strangfor has refused the summons and his ship, the Nightbreaker has halted it’s return to Doskvol and is now moored in the bay just outside the city. It is full of refined Leviathan Blood, much needed by the city.

Quellen asks Elke for Electroplasm, her supplies are running out.

Notes from the game

Oh Sean, why do you do this to yourself. Who is supposed to know what this means?

Ink Rakes: Echo Mae / Urlan Bertani – Have  vendetta against them because in Charterhall they reserved the reading room indefinitely and she could never find a place to study. But, also she was payed to draft the smear campaign by “The Hook”.

Corro appears – Armed with silver nail mercenaries and offers the Crow’s Roric’s location to buy his own skin.

Roric negotiates with the Reconciled who all vie for powered. Tipping Ministry of Preservation off about Reconciled (Maybe I meant council?). Sneaks one of them into use the Hand.

Entry into Crows Foot

  • Encounter Ghost Echo, which Elke destroys with Tempest (first time using it)
  • Scouted after the enter by Lampblacks (but one in hospital?)

Talk to Cross and find out “Hook” is Corran (one of the leaders of the Billhooks)

Convince Darmot (Bluecoat) to setup a meet with Corran in Tangletown.

Present at the meeting is Sergeant Lochlan (works for Dunvil)

Summon Ink Rakes with this lure:

  • We have info about the City Council
  • Meet us in a canal under Hill Street
  • Contact is Echo Mae


  • Wanted (8 Heat): 5/8 ticks
  • Spirit Wardens Destroy Six Arms: 0/4 ticks
  • Path of Echoes takes The Gills: 1/6 ticks
  • Find out who is involved with the smear campaign: 4/4 ticks (Billhooks, Bluecoats, and Ink Rakes)
  • End Investigation: 1/6 ticks (First tick gained by sending Inspector Frost to investigate the Church of Ecstasy)


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