Actual Play – Dragonslayers of Theorsa (10/19/2012)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Sean Nittner, Kristin Hayworth, Justin Dhiel, Andrew Eckhart
System: Burning Wheel
Setting: Burning Theorsa

Dragon killed.

Prophet’s power taken.

Another usurper king.


Thoughts on this game

To make this fight even possible took an incredible effort. First it was rallying the soldiers to fire every bit of siege weaponry they had at the dragons to get them out of the city. The second was Moya casting Rain of Fire with the specific intent of grounding the dragon for the duration of a fight. This gave an really epic proportion to the fight. Had those things not been done, the Fight! itself wouldn’t have even been possible.

Maybe what baffles me the most was not that we killed a dragon, but that we did it with such horrible injuries (severe and traumatic). The only thing that saved us was the repeated use (once per scene) of “gritting your teeth”. A rule that allows you to ignore a maximum of one die (per wound) of wound penalties. With that Moya was only down one die,  and Baldric two.

Fighting on horseback was was awesome. I literally rode down a dragon with a magical sword on top of a horse. How 1st edition D&D is that!

In two cases my life was LITERALLY saved by magic. In one the priest prayed for a a hindrance and the dragon hesitated when he was going to breath fire that would have meant instant death.  In another, the dragon was in a choking hands choke hold that dropped his dice pool low enough that he couldn’t get the two successes needed (thank got superficial wound) to eat my face.

Yay for OB 7 wise tests to declare that if you cut off the forearm of a prophet and attach it to the stump of your own arm, it will give you the prophet’s powers. Afon had been toying with power the whole game, and he finally got it.  And did so in an horrific Frankenstein fashion!

That Afon donned the crown and decided to claim the throne himself was another stroke of genius. He had never really allied with Baldric and Moya, this made his betrayal complete. He got to be the bad guy!

Hell yes magic swords that do Grey damage. A weapon forged of dragon steel with one purpose: slaying dragons.

Holy shit, we killed a dragon.

I think 4, maybe 5 deeds were spent this game. It was that big. Damn.

I seriously want a trait vote. So much has happened!



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