Actual Play – You can call me ‘Old Man’ (10/17/2012)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Sean Nittner, Kristin Hayworth, Justin Dhiel, Andrew Eckhart
System: Burning Wheel
Setting: Burning Theorsa

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These excited me. A lot. Especially Afon’s. Baldric has been looking for a reason to make him a head shorter since they day they met and now he finally has one. That is assuming a dragon (or two) doesn’t kill him first!

Baldric (belief): Moya is my one true love. I will convince her to be my queen.
Baldric (belief): My duty is to Theorsa, I will bring the forces of Rathmore and my father’s army together to
Baldric (belief): I pay my debts. Saleth will have his throne, but in exchange I must know where these dragons come from, and how to fight them.

Moya (belief): I will demand a private audience with Saleth and convince him to take me with him back the Kashkir once Baldric has secured the throne.
Moya (belief): My supposed “brother” has left with the crown but Aziz’s father never required it. I will help Baldric secure and maintain his seat as King!
Moya (belief): So these dragons are kind of my fault. I will find a way to at least get them away from the city, if not kill them entirely.

Afon (belief): I have the crown and I might just have an army. I will use the crown of kings to rule this fleet and take the throne for myself.
Afon (belief): I have the crown and I am heading to the army. I will bring the army back to ensure that Moya can become royalty on throne so she may have everything she may ever need.
Afon (belief):: I have Kellis and once I have learned his secrets of power, I will use my new power to take vengence on the country that harmed me.

Mikhael (belief): The King is dead and the Prophet missing. As the new King is crowned, I can best serve the Church and the Country as a High Priest. I will petition the King for this role to aid in the rebuilding of the Church.
Mikhael (belief): The dragons represent a real danger – they breathe fire and they can shake the faith of the people. I will repel the beasts back to where they come. As the nation has seen, my faith is strong.

The throne room

Baldric, Moya and Michael approached the old man sitting smugly in the Dragon Thrown. “With all do respect for my elders old man, I have come a long way to claim that throne. Do you mind telling me what you’re doing, sitting in it?”

“Waiting for you, Baldric and Moya.”

Well, that’s that! So it turns out Seleth, projecting a human form from afar was here to parley.  He told us the troops were coming, and he (in his physical dragon form) was coming with them.

Moya and Baldric both rushed to say something at the same time.

Moya: “Mighty lord Seleth, may I have a private meeting with you?”

Baldric: “Before we go to far here, before I claim the throne, Michael, will you marry Moya and I?”

Moya: “What? What? WHAT?”

Michael: “Saint Ambrose said that the hearts passion…”

Moya: “Uh, hold that thought Baldric. We agreed to be together, not to be married” (remember all, Moya is actually Baldric’s big sister, but only she knows this.)

Baldric: “Before I become king I want you as my wife, that way nobody will ever question or love. Think if it, you would no longer be a nameless night errant, you would be an Auley!”

At which point we all bust up laughing at the rediculousness of it.

North on a smuggler ship

Afon tortures Kellis to get his power out of him. The priest jumps overboard hoping to get to shore or drown trying. They both fail.

Fighting back the dragons!

Moya gets her audience with Seleth while Baldric and Michael speak of how to unite the people of Rathmore.

Seleth offers to return Moya what she had offered to him and Moya (and Kristin for that matter) gets super nervous “Woah, hold on there. I’m not ready for that just yet.” The dragon just smiles and hands her a small orb. “Break this and you will have your name again.” He looked at Baldric across the room “If that is what you want.”

Baldric and Michael agreed they needed to rally the people against the dragons to force them out of the city before their fight destroyed the entire thing.

The three of them consulted Seleth for his advice, which was to fire freaking trebuchets at it! Good plan.

So that’s what we did. Moya found the captain of the guard and convinced him to let us help the troops save the city. Baldric gave a rallying speech and Michael led them in prayer. Between all their efforts the men were gathered and given a purpose and direction. The loaded all the siege weapons and aimed all of them at the dragons. Michael handed Baldric the Iron Sword and with effort he hoisted it in the air yelling “Fire!”.  Though the weapons could not actually harm the dragons, they did harry them and get them to move their fight out of the city.

We had to keep up the attacks though. As each engine fired it was moved forward, until eventually we were using cranes and winches to lift them up on the wall and fire from there. Under a constant barrage, the dragons were held back… for now!

More torture

Cutting of fingers and drowning was enough to make Kellis collapse (not to mention the burns he had received from the rain of fire).  Afon rested as well, until his smuggler friend told him that he saw the Auley banners incoming!

Afon hailed them and was met by the ship captained by Aziz. He told him of the dragons and said they should make haste to the south, planting the seed that Aziz would be needed to aid Baldric and Moya in their fight.

Thoughts on this game

Man, so much awesome happening here. I am so excited about the next game (and since that has already been played when I’m writing this, the next game after that as well).

Yay, I got another beginner’s luck strategy roll. 4 down, only two to go. Damn… I’m never going to learn that skill! I think this is where beliefs really matter. It’s easy as hell to learn a skill like persuasion or falsehood. Just talk a lot. But getting a skill like Strategy (which also takes forever to learn if you’re doing it with practice time) takes dedication. If I had made more beliefs about being a military commander, I bet I would be there by now.

The name of this AP report is a joke. If you don’t get it, watch the Legend of Neil, it is effing funny.


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