Actual Play – A little bit of a god (8/15/2018)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves, Eric Fattig, and Adrienne Mueller
System: Blades in the Dark

Note: I fell way behind on my AP reports so these are written many moons later based off my notes. The accuracy will likely vary greatly! Also, this is just transcribed from my notes. Things may be out of order!

The Hive’s Vengeance on Corro

  • Younghusband house. Inspector Frost discovered a large shipment of Black Lotus, which they could detect because the crates weren’t perfectly sealed.
  • Hostages from The Crows found in a safe house, Corro’s leverage over them lost!
  • The Ministry of Preservation seized several estates in Corro’s name (and started and investigation on Harland: 1/6)
  • Lady Drake learned about Corro taking the Hand and cast a pox on him and all those who touched it. Including Yadvyga! (Plagued by the Pox: 2/4)

Other notes

  • Bazso and Cross show up dressed in suits from Dundridge and Sons and Bazso learned more about the statues (2/6 on his clock)
  • Lampblacks tamper with the artifacts (1/4)


  • 8 Coin (in a bank note from Charterhall)
  • 3 Heat (1 from the job being against a well connected target, +2 as a consequence of the Pox Lady Drake started)
  • 0 Rep (nobody knows)
  • Questioning (Slen pulled in and asked about Harland, sent home with broken fingers)


Elke inspected the Devil Hunters Hall and watches the ghost echos in the building with Nyryx. She was haunted by the vision of horrors left behind from when they tried to “heal” patients with electrocution. [Devils Bargain].

Hix indulged her vice of servitude to the Keeper of the Flame. She visited Augus and went to a damaged lightning tower that was arcing uncontrollably, allowing feral ghosts to slip through the cracks. Three Spirit Wardens and Hull were working to contain them. Hix touched the alter with the ghost she had previously bound and negotiates with the ghost to shorten it’s sentence in order for it to return to directing the tower…for now. In doing so though, the ghost realized that the Keeper of the Flame’s power has been diminished and only because Hix was physically present, was she able to intimidate him! (Hix, you are the Keeper of the Flame: 3/8)

Harland found out from Lyra that Ring left and rejoined with the Path of Echoes. He asked Lyra to come with her to a private meeting where he asked her to stay at his side and they would take back the Six Arms…and Ring together!


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