Actual Play – Winter Court – Part 3 (10/26/2009)

GM: Travis Lindquist
Players: Omar, Sean, Alec, Erik, Eric, and Steve
System: L5R, 3rd Edition

Nadu’s Summons

What trouble is Nadu in this week? None… right now, but Sapphire’s Honor has pitiful defenses and compared to the other orders we are a laughing stock. For our own prestige and practicality, we must once again turn to the clans for aid. This time to fortify our land and sea defenses.

Before this, however, we designated a Chui (or commander amongst us). Yoritomo Miyazaki was the chosen as the most worth amongst us. Each other magistrates were granted the office Gunzo.

Al-Saleen and Sodano Shiko spoke with Doji Kazumichi who offered his heimin to gather supplies and build fortifications. He also allowed his general, the Iron Doji to train our troups at a Dojo in Sapphires Honor. All of this simply to be in his debt (as well as a gift of geisha girls).
Shimizu approached the Kaiu Engineer Misuma Kokomi, who was more than happy to design land defenses for the shiro provided Shimzu kneel before her and admit a Crane needed a Crab’s help. She also made him her personal assistant to do such important tasks a fetching her tea.

Tso-Lou procured scrap metal from the Tsi and gave it to the Usagi to litter the surrounding forest with traps such that a few could pass through single path but an army moving through the forest would be butchered.

Yoshi spoke with his betrothed to request Dragon Shugenja come down to defend the port.

Miyazaki called a council of the Yoritomo, Watanabe, Kasuga, and Moshi to discuss water defences. They are going to drag a chain across the mouth of our port as well as cut into the rock to make the port more secluded. He also asked that Mantis sailors man these defences and literally overnight a small army of Yoritomo and Tsurichi appeared to protect the port AND fly the Mantis colors!

Nadu approved of all these improvements to the shiro.

Week 3

Isawa Yoshi – Duty
Yoshi, knowing that owing Kazumichi a favor would be dangerous for the magistrate in the future took it upon himself to gain blackmail on the Doji. He personally delivered the Geisha and made sure that the Earth Kami bore witness to their passing, forming an idol to represent that fact.
Reward: Blackmail (2) and probably some mad hate from Kazumichi.

Al-Saleen – Honor
Having heard from Yoshi’s betrothed some of the lies the Daidoji had been spreading about the Sapphire Magistrate he stormed into their quarters and challenged Daidoji Oyama to a duel. Demanding that he must publicly apologize to Nadu in court. The duel was contested by Nadu who refused to let Al-Saleen duel to the death, but instead a duel to first blood. Though the DaiDoji hid in shadows to avoid Al-Saleen’s blow, it was to no avail. The next day, after a curt apology in court the DaiDoji excused themselves from Winter Court and since then have been harrying our defenses from the outside.
Reward: Duel Emphasis

Shiko – Vice (Wrath)
Shiko, in his anger at the DaiDoji’s clear antagonism and in a effort to pracitice his skills as an actor posed as a disgruntled Ashigaru who bickered about this being Crane land loudly on the wall. Eventually he was approached by a DaiDoji who crept over the wall during the night. He offered Shiko a koku for his allegiance but Shiko fumbled as he tried to receive it. When he reached down to pick up the dropped coin, instead he pulled his blade from his scabbard and sliced into the DaiDoji. With the little strength the DaiDoji retained he threw himself back over the wall where he was collected by his brothers.
Reward: Any Emphasis

Miyazaki – Honesty

Miyzaki communed with the Kami to find out how he could strengthen the magical defences of the Shiro.

Tso-Lou – Courtesy
Hida Ketsunji (the wrestler) was quite annoyed that the DaiDoji kept calling Al-Saleen a Hida as though it were an insult. He also protested that Al-Saleen was training a ronin who was once Hida as well. “Does he think himself better than the Crab?” The response was something along the lines of “I can see how you feel. Now wrestle!”

Reward: Ally (2)

Shimizu – Sincerity
Met and trained with a Matsu

The Week Passing

Yoshi continued to study his Maho spells
Shiko – Met with Yuriko and warned her that he was watching her. She, apparently, will be watching him as well.
Al-Saleen – Spoke with Takeko Gaki who revered Tsi Zutaka as well as promised to bring pain upon Al-Saleen’s wife to be. She warned him of a “Dark Wave” coming.
Miyazaki – Met with Akimoto and they fortified the wall. It became very clear to him that she only became Al-Saleens student in order to be closer to him.
Shimizu – Meet with his father in law to be that said he would take the Sezume name but not inherit the Daimyo.


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