Actual Play – The Walunds (3/3/15)

ghost_titleGM: Sean Nittner
Players: Shaun Hayworth, Noam Rosen, and David Rothfeder
System: Blades in the Dark, Quickset Rules v.5
Playset: Vigilantes draft 1.9

Yes, playtesting the my Vigilantes playtest! Mostly we got through character and crew creation.

Our Vigilantes

Wesley Whales (Walund) – aka Duke Bankore, is a Bluecoat under a false name! Since they would never take a Walund into their ranks, he changed his name to Whales, and yet another name (Duke) as he donned the mask of vigilante. He’s a smooth talker with some odd friends that he has to remember who he is to them. A slide played by David Rothfeder.

Emile Waylund – aka Echo, a sister in the Walund family who looks out for her little brother and makes concoctions to boggle the mind and blow holes in doors. Also, hooked on freebasing demon blood.  A leech played by Shaun Hayworth.

Thassalrath Waylander – aka Thrasher, son of a Walund smuggler who tried to set up shop in the Dagger Isles, Thrasher has recently returned to Duskwall and re-united with his family, though he’s learning the hard way what a pinch they are in. A cutter played by Noam Rosen.

The Crew

The Walunds – A family of who is literally know for selling (fencing) anything they can get their hands on an whose rivals The Bookers have just secured a deal with the Crows, elevating them to a place where they can really put the hurt on the Walund families. The Walunds (PDF)

The Walunds (Session 1)_Page_1

The Walunds (Session 1)_Page_2

Vigilantes on Air

Other Details

Transcribed from my notes hastily taken during the session:

Walunds – Notorious for sellling to rivals, and for selling absolutely anything. Cover – Selling of raw materials.

Enemies: Bookers (been fueding forever fighting over contracts now but it goes back to something personal)
Tavern: The Hook & Line – No Walunds allowed
Tavern The Broken Tooth – Image of a broken Booker on it

Duke Bankor (vigilante name)
Pretending to be a high society person to end this horrible street war.
Real name: Wesley Walund.
Mother: Volette Coleburn, dead but still around.
Friend: Bazso Baz, a gang leader (Friends with Wesley Wails, the Bluecoat, on the take)
Rival: Nyryx, a prostitute (Rival, lover, its complicated, knows Wesley Wails is a waylund)
Vice: Obligation to Captain Edwards (completely in the pockets of the Lampblacks)
Vice: Pleasure (Silver Swan Pleasure Barge, Eldrin Prichard purveyor)

Emilie Waylund (Alias: Echo)

Friend: Eckerd, a corpse thief (friend, sold all kinds of bodies)
Rival: Malista, a priestess (rival)
Vice: Obligation to Canter Walund (younger brother, born with a defored arm)
Vice: Stumpor (freebasing demon blood, Ramira)

Thassalrath Waylander (Alias: Thrasher)

Friend: Grace, an extortionist (Mama Walund, close friend)
Rival: Chael Booker, a vicious thug (rival, sold you out)
Vice: Obligation to the family (Grace’s husband Maliey killed by Bookers, seeking revenge)
Vice: Stupor – Black Lotus (chronic pain) gets from Mr. Sleepy


  1. I’m super excited to play Emiline! I went ahead and got the PDF of Blades from DriveThru BASED ENTIRELY ON MAKING CHARACTERS FOR THIS PLAYTEST. That’s how much this game’s premise grabbed me.

    • Sean Nittner

      I don’t think there is any higher praise! That is awesome dude!

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