Actual Play – The Vending Machine (2/11/2009)

GM: Sean Nittner
System: Primetime Adventures

PTA! Ha! That was fun times. One of the players came a little late AND I was messed up the “spotlight” episode. I thought it was Mr. Bawls’ turn but it turned out to be nobodies. So, since one of the players has just been going through getting a vending machine installed (and all the politics around that) we opted for an episode on the vending machine.

I threw in some random flavor bits of “Transformer-con” coming soon, and Silas putting up posters all over the place for it. This of course resulted in Silas being further tormented by Kevin… Big shock there.

We chewed through three scenes; a staff meeting on the discussion of grape soda, a horrible abomination of care bear / transformer porn and the rearrangement of the break room and by rearrangement I just mean the “messing with Vern’s stuff”

What rocked

We got to vent some real life steam. I know the topic was one that caused some real pressure on one of the player so I hope this was cathartic.

One of the players had us in stitches as he narrated Silas going into a transformer coma. Hmm… that might have to turn into something.

What could have improved

I felt a little lack luster in the conflicts, like they weren’t charged enough. I thought Vern’s was good because it had clear opposition but the others didn’t have any real resistance. That is why in Kevin’s I had Silas go crazy with anger. Have to think on how to make this more tense so people are more vested in their chips. At the same time, failure should always be as fun as success. Hmm… gotta think about this more.

We started late which meant we were rushed and I missed the desert hang out time. Man I wish I wasn’t using a timecard. I really need 1.5 hour lunches.

One thought on “Actual Play – The Vending Machine (2/11/2009)”

  1. Not to screw with your schedule or anything, but could you take 1.5 hour lunches if you made up a half hour somewhere? Just curious, really.

    I would also say that not every conflict needs to be uber tense. South Park, for example, has a lot of times when one side is more tense than the other, or when the conflict doesn’t have much tension, but success or failure of the protagonists can move the story along.

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