Actual Play – The Face of God, or at Least a Godling (1/24/2012)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Sean Nittner, Kristin Hayworth, Justin Dhiel, Noam Rosen
System: Burning Wheel
Setting: Burning Theorsa

Wow, this session was hot. So much happened. We had a mold breaker!!! Twice even!

Owain (played by Noam) started with this belief: I am no one’s king! There will be no more bloodshed in my name.

In the game he both ordered Moya to unhand him “I am your king, I command you to let me go” AND he impaled Eogin for trying to harm the dragon. Oh yeah, there was a dragon. This game session was epic.

Rather than try to go through the chronology of it all, I’m going to highlight the amazing crap everyone did.


Made a deal with a dragon and got duped! She agreed to free it and help it get home to find it’s father in exchange for the safety of her companions. Lying lizard pulled one over on her. He fled the moment he was unchained!

Freed a dragon. Havoc’s hand came in quite “handy” (get it, a joke, like the “hand” in Havoc’s hand, get it, okay I’ll stop) as it allowed her to cut through the metal chains that bound him.

She tried to stop Owain/Aziz from getting following the n0w-free dragon into battle. As she grabbed him how, he resisted and invoked the above mentioned “I am your king” to make her let him go. HOLY SHIT. Aziz admitted he was king!

Agreed with Baldric to pretend that she could follow the dragon back to it’s lair with a spell so the Kings men would stop fighting it and let it flee.

Immediately chased after the dragon when she found that Aziz was bound up in the chains around it and being carried of; leaving Baldric to hold the bag.


Tried to aid Aziz and Moya until he realized they were going to free the dragon. Then he invoked the power of the three gods to bind it in chains forever…or at east tried to. Instead he ended up impaled on Owain’s sword.  This may not seem like doing much but it was huge in making Aziz decide what he would do for his god…and that may be kill someone.


Yep, as you can imagine he set his god free. And gave up everything he held dear to do it.

Then, in trying to help him get free he got tangled in his chains and was swept away, leaving “My king!” in Baldric’s lips and Moya chasing him out.


To cover Moya and Aziz he shouted out to the entire hall “I am captain Catamere. Bring me to your leader” and then he tossed the head of a monster on the floor.

He met the commander sergeant Gywnaeth Telgar and found her a capable leader. Though she didn’t accept his command, they seemed to respect each other and she offered his companions succor, even offering to smooth over the deaths of the snake-women with their leader. She told him much and more of there mission to find the crown.

When the dragon broke free, he convinced the sergeant to call off her men because he traveled with a sorcerer that could track it back to it’s lair. The lie worked on the sergeant but not on the leader of the snake-warriors. She trusts Catamere not!

Was left holding the bag when Moya chased out after Aziz and just said “My King!” Fun times.

Thoughts on this game

This game was so awesome. Every single one our characters earned embodiment for doing amazing things.

I’m really curious about getting to know Telgar, she seems like the first one of the king’s men (or women) who might not be an outright douche bag.

I really think Baldric needs to have a trial by combat to protect his life and Eogin’s. Fight! just rocks. Just saying.

OMG Aziz stabbed Eogin. And declared himself king! How fucking awesome is that.



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