Actual Play – Sapphire Magistrates (6/20/2009)

GM: Travis Lindquist
System: L5R

Travis was running his Good Omens audition game. That always sounds more formal than it really is. It’s basically just a handful of Good Omens GMs who play in your game and then say “Yeah, I think we’ve got similar styles” or “Nope, we’re doing different stuff.”

He held the game at his place and it got off to something of a rough start. Between traffic, a mix up about the time and a mix up about the date we stared more than an hour late and missing one person. In the end though, none of that mattered too much. We had a great time. Travis really went all out for this game both in terms of props, development of characters (which I helped with, but that is exactly what Good Omens does for each other, so I was happy to do it), and plot.

As with other play-test type games, this one may be run again, so I’m not giving any spoilers (also that is a killer excuse for not writing out all the scenes) but dude, he fed us sushi. For an L5R game, how cool is that.

What rocked

  • Props (music, mons we could wear, awesome character tents, and sushi for us to eat, nom!)
  • Pacing (lots of action and the story kept rolling along)
  • Plot (great story with lots of twists)
  • Characters (compelling PCs with lots of their own interesting issues)
  • Flexibility (he really rolled with the punches as we switched things around on him)
  • Timeliness (even with some setbacks in the game, he finished it and got the entire story told in time)

What could have been improved

  • There was once scene where I didn’t feel like all the characters had something to do. It was handled as a combat but probably should have just been a skill test (even if the skill was Kenjutsu). This was pretty minor.

As I said before the game was great. Suffice to say, Good Omens just grew by one GM!

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