Actual Play – Prime Time Adventures (11/17/2008)

GM: Sean Nittner
System: Primetime Adventures

We got together today to complete the pitch (refining it mostly) and make the characters.

The Premise – Clerks + Office space with a Hardware store and a restaurant that has merged.

Conventions – Comedy Central, edging on soft porn with no beeps. We got swearing, partial nudity and sex, but off screen.

Tone – Irreverent. This may end up being one long fart joke.

The cast (already done in the last post: Actual Play Report – PTA (10/18)

The Protagonists:

Mr. Bawls, the kiss ass manager.
Issue: Commitment, he always says he’ll do things but never follows through. What happens when someone wants him to take his commitments seriously?
Personal set: Vaseline filled cowboy boots. It’s a stretch, but it’s his set.
Edges: High school varsity hey day
Connections: Imaginary friend and his dog

Vernan, the Lifer
Issue: Self worth. In the modern era, relics like Vernan are out-moded. Can he keep up or better yet, prove to the young whipper snappers the value of doing things the old way?
Personal set: the coffee maker
Nemesis: Gerald, the contractor. Old friend who always makes Vern feel like a tool for still working at a hardware store.

Kevin Mews, the should-have-been-fired slacker
Issue: He hates innocence. Kevin does everything he can to corrupt the innocent. Maybe because he can’t stand being alone.
Personal set: Kevin’s den of iniquity. Old staffroom full of hot chick posters.
Nemesis: Any of Mr. Bawls girlfriends. Jealousy much?
Edges: Social ignorance.

What rocked

All of it.

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