Actual Play – Lighting Makes Things Go Boom! (7/9/2010)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Kristin, Fattig, Travis and Sean
System: Dresden Files

The game started with a bang! A big one. Saul’s spell when off and electricity started coursing through the entire steel pipe… blowing everything to hell.

Outside both Sven and Donnie ended up doing a lot of swimming to get back to show after being blow off their respective perches. The vampires disappeared. Chaos ensued on the grounds and Saul shot himself out of a human canon to escape the soon to be burning down and/or exploding circus tent.

The rest of the night was a muddled mess. Sven handcuffed Saul so as to keep him from getting away again. Saul infuriated Jameson into punching him across the room, taking Sven with him. A warden showed up, who Saul assumed was there to take off his head, but instead wanted us to track down the warlock in town. Which we did through some investigation and asking around. We ended delivering him up to the Warden who made his 163rd kill.

What rocked

The Warden and Saul had a soulgaze. Saul’s first ever and a terrifying experience for him. He saw this lion of a man standing over the graves of all the men and women he had killed, remember each of them. Saul appeared a goldsmith, weaving infinitesimally thin strands of gold, each of which animated and trying to unweave itself and unmake him.

We got some good old character on character violence, an important factor in keeping tensions interesting. It even turned into some emotional feeding. Nothing like inner party cannibalism!

Fighting the sorcerer was good stuff. I was glad we were able to each do some cool things. I got to unweave his ward with Thaumaturgy, others got to do some kicking butt.

What could have been improved

Once again, I’ve made a character than several of the other characters disregard as immature or naïve. Sven walks him around in handcuffs and Jameson laughs about the fact that Saul doesn’t know that White Court vampires kill people. But those are minor things, quirks. What’s tough is that Saul’s ideas are just disregarded. So, I’ll work on this, try to gain back the confidence and respect of the other characters. Saul was very good following orders from Sven (even though he repeatedly made offers to Monoc to kill Saul if the need ever arose) and staying handcuffed to him. I doubt he’s made much of an impression on Jameson, but I’ll keep working on that.

I miss beliefs. Without them I’m not sure what my character is about, and that sometime leads to crazy “what if” type actions. So far I’ve tried to take a new aspect as often as I can, reflecting Saul changing by the events, which is cool, but I might just have to engineer an aspect into a belief of sorts. Something to give Saul some direction.

One thought on “Actual Play – Lighting Makes Things Go Boom! (7/9/2010)”

  1. Wasn’t trying to give the impression that Sven regards Saul as immature. He doesn’t. He regarded him as a tough bodyguard case. The handcuffs were just cause you ran off, not a maturity thing.

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