Actual Play – Buzz on Canal Street (10/31)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves,  Adrienne Mueller, and Eric Fattig
System: Blades in the Dark

Last Time

Paid of Sergeant Lochlan (shrewd, tough, commanding) to look the other way.

Convinced Corran not to fully trust Eren (aunt, dead)

Elke made enemies with both of them.

Buzz on the Street

Spirit Wardens called form all the districts to investigate demonic presence in the Docks. People on dry land are drowning spontaneously.

Nightbreaker still at sea (won’t dock) despite orders from the Ministry. Electroplasm in the city is running low.

Lord Sukur [who we know is possessed by Roric] returns from the Lost District!

Entanglement and other fallout

Eren trying to breaking into the Devil Hunter’s Lodge but is foiled by the wards Elke placed.

Rosslyn (aka Lady Drake) asks Jadvyga if she knows anything about the death of Captain Lannock (they are trying to pin it on a city council member)

Needle finds out Elke was arrested and had been in Bellweather.


Hix gathers info! Rysus (longshoreman, tired, worried) set up a meeting with Needle (a Bluecoat agent of Lord Strangford), who has a job for her. The DSS is to bring an artifact (that looks like a dream catcher) to Naria Strangfold, currently a captive in Bellweather Crematorium. He also tells Hix that Strangford is planning a coup of the city council [Sean, why the heck did he spill these beans?]. Rysus is rewarded for setting up the meeting with a night of free drinking…and the attention of Needle.

Harland went to recruit new members to the True Path. Wisdom of the Ages (From the ghosts by the way of the Hand of Kotar?). Finds potential recruits: isolated and socially awkward new students at Charterhall. [Indulging Vice]

Elke talks to Nyryx about how to hold onto four ghosts at a time [Indulging Vice]

Hix visits professor Montgomery Beaumont who tends to her wound and has theories about the divine presence enshrined in the Rail Jack’s arm [Recovery]

After game thougths

Scurlock wants to bring his son to life. Bastion can only stay in the hull for short periods of time. Every time he goes in he looses some of his free will. Bastion is the creation of Skurlock and Elke’s grandmother?


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