Actual Play – A Belligerant Drunk (3/13/2012)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Sean Nittner, Kristin Hayworth, Justin Dhiel
System: Burning Wheel
Setting: Burning Theorsa

This isn’t a game I want to dwell on too much. My character became a maudlin ass hat over the course of the last two chronicles (dividing chronicles by trait votes) and now, even though they returned victorious, he was drunk and bitter.

What he managed to accomplish in this game (which dominated a lot of the game mind you):

  • Disappointing and infuriating his father.
  • Unlawfully detaining Moya and trying to whip her, but instead taking the beating out on Afon.
  • Disgracing the Auley name in front of the visiting nobles.
  • Generally making a giant ass of himself.

Thoughts on this game

I talked to the group about this one. I am fundamentally apposed to the “that’s what my character would do” defense used to explain horrible behavior. I don’t think it is okay, ever, to be an asshole at the table and blame it on a fictional construct call your “character”. I’ve talked about this on Narrative Control, and I really believe there is no excuse for asshattery at the table.

That said I had a conundrum. How to honor the fiction and make some sense out of the story? How my make Baldric still be a believable character and not suddenly “all better” after all those betrayals? So I asked everyone “is it cool if my character is a complete ass for a bit, and gets punished for it accordingly, on his way to redemption?” The players were for it so I tried it.

I also asked the internet “My knight lost “Idealistic” and gained “Maudlin” and “Hypocrite”. Any advice on playing emo porn without being lame?” Kindly, they replied:

Playing was satisfying in that “oh, look how horrible I can be” way, but man, it isn’t for me. I was very glad that at the end of the session, impending trouble was coming Baldric’s way.

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