Actual Play – Indulgences (11/28/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves,  Adrienne Mueller, and Eric Fattig
System: Blades in the Dark

Notes I jotted down months ago. I pray they make some sense

All hands downtime action – Chaterhall Crew performing practices in the Doskvol canals (reducing heat).

Hix’s mastermind action – Send them out again to setup a course that would be a cover for sneaking boats into the deathlands (reducing heat).

Elke investigated who trashed the wards at the Devil Hutner’s Hall, and sending the spectral defenders out, they came back with Eren (ghost), held in Myst’s body (ghost passage ability), who they then interrogated and tried to win her over to the true path (1/4 ticks).

They also continued to work on a cure for the drowning plague (2/8 ticks). (Long Term Project)

Wend went to the Black Tree (underground) and gabled on the Whisper Lightning Cage Fights. The Red Claw vs. Atrius. The Red Claw won and then went onto face She who Slays. (Indulge Vice)

Haland tended to by Wend to treat his pneumonia and found his lung had been punctured. Yikes (Recover)

Elke tended to by Wend, who discovered the Spirit Warden brand was actually wires fused into her blood vessels. Some very advanced Sparkcraft! She could help her other injuries though (Recover)

Hix continued to study the metaphysical weight of the soul and looked to what happen as the spirit passes from the body at death. She found it is called to another realm which has it’s own force (the Spectral Force) and if one was to detach and seek it out, they could enter the Ghost Realm (Long Term project, complete).

Some notes after the game

What does Scurlock want now?

Short term – to test his theory that two adjacent spirit wells with opposite polarity could create a force that would repulse spectral energies. Long term? To give “life” to Bastion. Longer term still, to be reunited with Elise Salkaran (Elke’s grandmother).

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