Actual Play – Star Trek pitch session (11/18/2012)

GM: Leonard Balsera
Players: Eric Fattig, Rick Kesweder, and Sean Nittner

We jammed for a few hours combining elements of TOS, TNG, and DS9 and came up with our own pitch for a Star Trek game. It’s a more desperate world than most Star Trek shows and it’s one where the 5 year mission is really clear. We’ll be on the Enterprise, Starfleet’s flagship, trekking around the universe because god damn it, the Federation needs us to. Here’s the pitch:

“In the space opera show Star Trek, the characters are members of a multi-species coalition called Starfleet and crew members of its flagship, the USS Enterprise. They explore space and evaluate the benefit of the intergalactic phenomena and species they encounter, in the hopes of strengthening the United Federation of Planets in their struggle against the older, more advanced Romulan Empire. Rated PG-13 for violence, suggestive situations, and some strong language.”

We’re making a new Star Trek, one of our own vision, as though none of the shows ever existed. We’re charting unknown territory. I can’t wait!

Actual Play – Beers over Star Trek (11/04/2012)

Dudes Chilling: Lenny Balsera, Eric Fattig, Sean Nittner, and Rick Kesweder

The other day Lenny dropped a firecracker in my underpants. More specifically he showed me this: Re-Imagining the First Five Year Mission

For the TLDR crowd this is a pitch to reboot Star Trek (The original series with Kirk, Spock, Bones, etc). A pitch written in 2004 (that’s 6 years before the JJ Abrams movie of the same ilk). While Straczynski & Zabel didn’t write the JJ Abrams movie six years ahead of it’s time, they did capture something that got me very excited. Retelling Star Trek, without worrying about all the trappings of Star Trek.

Which is exactly where role-playing shines. Taking something that someone else made, tearing it apart and making it your own. This isn’t a episode submission, it isn’t even fanfic, it’s something we make, for our own damn selves. And that gives it the potential to be ridiculously awesome.

So, I rounded up a posse. Three known and one wild card: Rick Kesweder. I’ve never played with him, I’ve never spent hours bitching to him about why Warp 2 (before “Force of Nature” where we found out that Warp Drives were destroying the universe) makes about as much sense as driving 25 MPH on a clear freeway. I don’t know what he’s made of, but when I mentioned “hippy story game” and “star trek reboot” he was all over it like white on rice, so I’m excited to see what kind of gamer Rick is, and whether we’re going to grok each other.

Thoughts on the game

Well, we didn’t actually play, we mostly talked about what play would be like, made some wild speculations about possible ways this game could look as we played it, and discussed our play styles.

We also use this conversation as a warm up for recording Narrative Control. We’ll see after I start editing if that helped us at all!