Still unhappy with the CAG’s moves

So, I’m still fundamentally unhappy with the CAG’s moves. This is what I’ve got so far.

Part of my frustration comes from not being entirely sure the CAG should be a +Sharp character. Lee, and Starbuck (for the brief time she was CAG) both led more with their heart than their head. So, I’ve thought of making the CAG +Hot, but hot isn’t really it either. The Opportunist and the Businessman are totally +Hot characters, as is 6. The get what they want through manipulation and seduction, perfect. The CAG speaks to people and they listen because they want the CAG to believe in them, to be proud.

Right now the CAG has two automatic moves: Raptor Scouting and Brief the Squad.

Raptor Scouting comes from the board game, as well as something commonly done in the show. Send out a Raptor to get intel. The move is modeled after the various move -> ask specific questions model (as seen in the Hoarder, Skinner, Brainer, etc). Based on the suggestion from SoylentWhite on the AW forms, I’m going to remove the first question “where do I find this?” because it is implicit in the move working. The move is okay, and it makes sense to go with sharp, but it doesn’t pull my pants down and pleasure me. It’s just okay.

Brief the Squad is a move I like very much. It is a) something that happened A LOT in the show, and b) where I see the CAG really shining. He gets to talk to people before a fight and give them advantages. I took this move from the Lieutenant in John Harper’s The Regimnent and tweaked it for my use. I’m rewording the second option to say “Temporarily remove one weakness for the duration of the engagement [insubordination, reckless, messy, ammo, etc]”. That doesn’t change what I originally meant with it, it just makes it cleaner.

The optional moves however are really where I feel the CAG falls down.

Lead the Way: This is okay. It’s just a stat substitution. I still find myself wishing it said lead with +Heart, but that stat doesn’t exist (see below)

Wingman: This move, taken from the Sergeant in The Regiment, is more complicated that I intended, due to armor. Also, I generally don’t want to think too much about vehicle damage (except with the Pilot) so when the CAGs Vipers get damaged they will take damage like a gang does (or in this case a Military Unit), so the move doesn’t even work. It’s coming out.

Leave no man behind: This move is great, except that it it a) looks just like Raiding Party and b) has virtually the same name as the Partisan’s “Leave no one behind”, albiet the Partisan’s move works completely differently. I think I’m going to kill raiding party (as the marine has it as well) and rename it, or rename the Partisan’s move.

Raiding Party: As above, this move is coming out. That makes two moves going though (Wingman and Raiding Party) so I think I should be looking at something to add.

Moves I’m considering adding:

Tactical Leader: When rolling Leadership, roll +Sharp instead of +Hard. This seems like a pretty simple and important move. Since the CAG is a leader, and Leadership is now a basic move. But, it’s a boring stat substitution move. Bleh.

Stickier thoughts

What if I wanted a Heart stat? What would it’s basic moves be? What would it replace (I’m NOT adding a stat)? Could I use Hx instead? If I did, what would the CAG roll against NPCs? If so, should I give the CAG a substitution move to roll +Hx instead of something else?

I made Leadership a basic move because I thought these playbooks would need it: Commander, XO, and CAG. Now, I’ve decided not to man an XO and I’m leery of the Activist jumping on that move, because I want him to use Crime Lord instead (especially since they both use Hard, so there is not reason for him not to use Leadership). Also, I don’t like the imbalance of Hard having 3 moves and other Stats only having one (Cool and Faith).  So, lets entertain the idea that I move Leadership back to the Commander as a special move. That means the CAG needs a way to control his vipers squadrons, and that means a move. Any thoughts on what that should look like? How it would be different from Leadership? (It should not look like Crime Lord/Pack Alpha).

Where to put the Viper Squadrons? So, if the CAG isn’t in play, but the Vipers are (because someone is playing the Commander), it begs the question of where the Viper squadrons should be. To solve this I’ve presently put the Viper information on the Battlestar Playbook and put a note on the CAG’s playbooks to reference that. But… it seems like the Vipers should be the CAGs first and foremost, rather than borrowed from the Battlestar.  So, what about giving the CAG the Viper Squad on his his playbook, and then telling the Battlestar to reference that? Blerg. I hate ambiguity and confusion.