The Activist has folded!

My poor play on words, aside, I’m excited to present the Version_02 Activist.

Here is what has changed (both to work with the bi-fold) and based on feedback.

Stuff removed:

  • Apocalypse World Credits (since it really isn’t a playbook from AW anyway, but I still want to give tribute somewhere.
  • Military Unit rules. Will have to put them into a supplemental moves book (to be created)
  • Look box. Redundant anyway (choices already circled)
  • Playbook picture shrunk to 2/3 height.
  • Creating an Activist rules. Basically all they did was tell you to choose things (moves, stats, etc).
  • Improvement instructions. Probably unnecessary anyway.
  • The Activist had a Cause, Demands, and then this fiddly bit of what happened since the Fall. That last part was weak sauce so I yanked it.

Changes made to Activist (as of Version_02):

  • Advancement options corrected (they had been accidentally copied from the Commander).
  • “Fight for a Cause” move formalized. It was always there, but it used to be lost in the narrative description of the Activist’s Demands. Now it’s a move and one the activist gets automatically.
  • Frakking Thieves, Crime Lord and Extortion changed to optional moves. I saw two problems. One was the activist didn’t have any choices regarding moves, and people like choices. Two, especially with formalizing “Fight for a Cause”, having all the other moves automatically is quite overpowered. The current version says pick two of the those three, but I think by the time Version_02 is realized it will just be pick one,  and have an advancement option to pick another.
  • Hx has changed based on the new formatting, and I like the change a lot. Now instead of having fixed Hx with each playbook and a then changing one of those values, each playbook start with +3 with someone based on a strong relationship defined by the player, and then gets values to give everyone else based on default relationships.  The Activist, is actually backward of this, they get a single weak relationship (-1) based on someone they have given up on, and their other default relationships are very strong.

Here’s some screen shots.

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