Rethinking Galactica from the Core

I watched a video that has me re-thinking Apocalypse Galactica at it’s core. Pete Figtree interviewed Adam Koebel, Gregor Vuga, John Harper, Jonathan Walton, and Sage LaTorra about hacking Apocalypse World. Man, do they guys know their stuff.

The video makes me very happy I called it a reskin, rather than a hack. Here’s 78 minutes of awesome, followed by the questions I’m now asking myself about Apocalypse Galactica.

What I now want to reconsider

  • Stats. Does Faith play a role in the game? Should it only apply to playbooks like the visionary? The CAG has always left me wondering if they push with Hot, Hard, or Sharp. Is that because a the stats as is should be changed more for the setting.
  • Vehicles – Large (Battlestar) and small (Viper). Should they be treated as Military Units (gangs)? Do more mechanics (besides the AW basic moves) need to be developed for space combat. Should they suffer harm?
    • Should there be battle moves to cover ship to ship fights?
  • Supply and Favor – Currently each a fraction of what barter is in Apocalypse World. These should be full developed to be distinct currencies, with their own meaningful moves and interactions.
  • Consider a strong divide between military personnel and civilians. Do they have different moves? Different currencies? How do they interact well or poorly? When does one have leverage over the other? What are their areas of influence?
    • Rank or command. Should it be a stat or currency? Something that is spent, rolled, and/or put at risk.
  • Structure of a game session
    • Should it emulate an episode of the show?
    • Starting off do we spend time making the fleet? using love letters?
  • Crisis Clocks – Currently 12:00 equals destruction of humanity (starved to death, freeze to death, killed by cylons, turning against each other, etc). What about making the scope smaller? What if 12:00 indicated a Cylon attack? What if 12:00 meant a change in the paradigm. For example: accepting a Cylon into the Fleet (Athena), Changing the President (Gaius), or Cylon Occupation.
    • What about advancing the clocks based on triggered events like how corporations become more pursuant of you in The Sprawl?
  • Have I given enough thought to the civilian roles? The people who put demands on the fleet? They are a vulnerability for the military unit, but what strengths do they bring in the show, and are the represented in play.
  • I want more on activating weaknesses. The game usually has lots of conditions in play like “terrified” or “insubordinate”. I’d like an explicit GM move to shift those from general grumblings to a specific (and irrevocable) action.
  • Re-examine the principles, agendas, and moves. I’ve always taken it for granted that those should be the same save the change in setting (i.e. Barf forth the Apocalyptica is changed to Show the Fall of humankind) but otherwise would be used in tact. Should this be? Should I be looking at my own play sessions to see what I do as GM and codify those actions as the GM’s moves?
  • Basic Moves
    • Seduce or Manipulate – Ties in with command suggestion above. Should their be a military basic move “When you pull rank…”
    • Read a stich – These questions should be drawn from the show, or inspired from the show.
    • Read a person – Consider questions. “Is your character telling the truth?” should be removed. Consider questions like “Are you acting for the good of the Fleet?”
    • Leap of Faith – I’ve floundered with this move in play. It can be memories, visions, sudden inspiration, premonitions, projecting, hallucinations, etc, and yet it’s been hard for me to reconcile with the show’s explicitly refusal to concretely acknowledge the supernatural (until the very end).

Actual Play – Damascus Falls at GPNW (6/29/2013)

Apocalypse GalacticaGM: Sean Nittner
Players: Jeremy Tidwell, Morgan Stinson, Nels Anderson, Andrew Carbonetto
System: Apocalypse World
Hack: Apocalypse Galactica

I was very inspired by Go Play even before I got there. Once I had arrive, and especially once I had played Monsterhearts, I was even more so. I’m very glad I brought my Apocalypse Galactica get up. Uniform. Check. Playbooks. Check. Tokens from the game. Check. Game on!

Under the gun – A 3 hour slot

What I hadn’t realized, however, when I signed up to run, was that I was signing up for a three hour slot. It was right there in front of me (Saturday 9AM-Noon) but my math failed, or maybe I just assumed all slots were four hours, but yeah, there it was. I got to run my still in development game that I had never run in fewer than four hours, in three.

And I’m so stoked that I did. We had an hour of character creation and then two hours of game, where SO FRAKING MUCH HAPPENED! Games are fluid, and like fluid, fit into whatever space they are given.


Nels – Played an Activist that was a former Colonial sergeant, and then a former union man, and finally a protestor for the equal rights and opportunities for all 12 colonies.

Morgan – Played a cool headed president that wanted to restore order to the fleet and power to the quorum by any means necessary.

Jerry – Played a tough as nails CAG callsign Titan, who didn’t think the Commander was the right person for the job.

Andrew – Played the Admiral in charge of the fleet. An exceedingly practical man, with a terrible sense of the big picture, or rather of the value of human lives.

The Play is the Thing

Character creation, including the fleet, Hx, Love Letters, and all that jazz took exactly and hour, which left me two hours to run a game from FTL jump to Ka-Boom. Lords of Kobol guide us, somehow we did it.

Here are just a few highlights of the game.

We started off with some awesome bit of insubordination. Upon landing the the hangar bay Titan was immediately summoned to Admiral Raptis’ personal quarters. Where she totally didn’t go. Instead she made her way to the Condor, where she had heard that Karina Halphen had been put under house arrest by the Admiral and was not going quietly into the night.

Meanwhile, on Colonial One,  the activist and the president were having a pow-wow. How could they collectively get the Commander to back down. And boy howdy how they conspired against him. Though who was being treasonous would really depend on who you though was the rightful authority.

As play progressed

we saw some awesome badassery all over the place like…

… when Titan shot the Captain of the Condor (her ally) in the head, took her keys to the cargo bay that the Marines and Civilians were trapped in the middle of standoff in, and the told everyone to calm the frak down, completely diffusing the situation, or…

… The activist ordered his men to take over ships they were on and face the wrath of a Battlestar to declare their independence from the tyrannous rule of the Admiral under the presidents explicit orders, or….

… when the president jammed the commander’s signal to the fleet with wide spectrum electromagnetic interference, which caused so much noise it was picked up by a long distance cylon raider, or …

… when Admiral Raptis ordered a Marine to evacuate the Miya San (which had a radiological alarm go off on it) rather than use civilian technicians capable of diffusing the threat, because he didn’t trust anyone outside of his command, or …

… when the Activist realized the president was a Cylon and nearly got shot down trying to get to the Battlestar to tell the Admiral. And then, when they, two previous foes, saw eye to eye against a common enemy, or…

… when the President, calm, cool and collected told everyone that things would be just fine as she contacted the Cylon Basestar and called in an ambush on the fleet. Or …

… The admiral use the point defense turrets to drive the Basestar back just far enough that Titan could, with a nuke strapped to her Viper’s underbelly, suicide bomb the Cylon Basestar and give the fleet time to jump…

… followed by another nuclear explosion as the Miya San, because of the Activist’s plea that the Miya San was lost and this way she could at least take out a Cylon with her…


Thoughts on the game

I need to add to my list of names, as list of ship names. That keeps coming up.

Character creation reliably takes an hour. I think there are lot’s of fiddly bits on every playbook. Selecting name and look, stats and moves, and invariably some other gear/follower/beliefs options. Then we have love letters as well, which take time to read and then selection options from. Somewhere in there I have them select Fleet and Battlestar options. They are all fun things, but it’s a lot of choices. Jeremy told me later that the time it was taking made him anxious, we still had a good time, but an hour for character creation is a long time.

I think one approach to speed this up would be to drop some of my setup. Encourage people to play people without command (i.e. not the President, Commander, Activist, or CAG, which we had all of), leave out the love letters, and play without the Fleet/Battlestar playbook. I bet that could trim at least 15 minute off the setup time. Jeremy also suggested that instead of choosing lots of options for the Fleet and Battlestar, that juts one option is picked and it cascades down to fill out the others. I’m going to see what I can do with that on the next revision.

Morgan has a long period at the end of the game, after revealing that his character was a cylon where there wasn’t anything for her to do. I kept trying to find ways to put the spotlight back on her, but it never quite stuck. Morgan was a champ though and said he really enjoyed watching the chaos unfold through the fleet. One of his finest lines at the end was asking the pilot of Colonial One if he could escape the oncoming Miya San. We had previously defined Colonial One as a giant shit with a huge observatory dome, excellent for broadcasting to the fleet, but very awkward to maneuver. When the pilot respond (panicked, mind you) that they couldn’t, he final words were “The let me tell you how to pray”. It was awesome.

Most tragic moment of the game… probably when the yet unspoken to, but plenty spoken about rookie pilot Lunchbox got his launch sequence just a bit off and turned his viper around in the launch tube, causing it to turn end over end and explode inside the tube. Beeper and Titan died. But they died avenging Lunchbox!

The characters spent most of game able to communicate with each other over coms, but not in physical proximity. That’s something I want to work on, excuses to get them all in the same space. This game had a lot of NPCs acting as intermediaries between the characters, which did create PC – NPC – PC relationships, but I’d like to see more PCs in each others faces. That is good stuff.

Oh, this was the only game ever, perhaps because of time, where nobody wanted to find out what happened to the Damascus. To much other crap going on!

Titan was scary. If she hadn’t died killing Cylons I think she might have taken command of the Battlestar herself. Frak yeah!

Actual Play – Damascus Falls at BoyCon (6/22/2013)

Apocalypse GalacticaGM: Sean Nittner
Players: Zach, Josh Curtis, Justin Evans (aka J-dog, aka Mr. Boy, aka the only survivor)
System: Apocalypse World
Hack: Apocalypse Galactica

Mr. Boy was turning 40, and his wonderful wife thought what better way to celebrate that to throw him a weekend party of gaming with his boyz.

And so it came to be that we happened upon EndGame as the doors were opening, settled into the Carl Rigney table in the corner and played ourselves some Apocalypse Galactica.


Mr. Boy – Commander Abram Raptis -The hard as hell Commander of the Battlestar Argonaut who had taken over the fleet after his brother Admiral Acario sacrificed his life and the lives of everyone aboard Battlestar Athena to buy the fleet time to escape.

Josh – President Desma Yen – The conniving president who rigged her own election (before the Fall) and was now finding out what it really meant to be the steward of humankind.

Zach – Deepak Teng – A visionary who saw truth in the flames. We had a bit of license crossover here, he worshiped the Lord of Light, and instructed his missionaries to make merry and burn everything around them.

Opening Moves

The purpose of the love letters is to make sure something is going on at the start of the game. The scenario is set just after returning from a jump gone wrong (landing right in a Cylon ambush) and is laden with trouble. Damaged ships, suspicion of a traitor that led them into it, and the controversy between the President and Commander over the latter introducing Martial Law. It’s rife with problems but…

The guys make plenty of problems of their own. Deepak rolled his Fortunes and came up with want: Savagery. We decided that his missionaries had set the prisoners free on the prison ship Precipice, and they were now rioting.  When rolling her campaigns President Yen got the catastrophe “Malfucntions” and to keep them tied into each other, Josh through out that the prison ship had listed into the Condor (the agricultural ship) and cracked the dome, O2 was blasting out of it, even as ships were arriving from their jump.

Also, during Hx when picking their +3 connections, the guys all made deliciously contentious relationships. Commander Raptis blamed President Yen for his brother’s death and for the danger the fleet was in. Yen was in love with Deepak but didn’t believe in his “Lords of Light at all”, and Deepak, though a member of the presidents cabinet didn’t care about the president, but did want to teach the Commander that he needed to see the Truth.

Man, so take all that and add more complications from the love letters… it was a shit storm of crises (see Thoughts below).


There were a ton of great moments in this game. Many of the highlights surrounded the Visionary Deepak, simply because he was so out of control.

His first “vision” was a baptism by fire as he sought wisdom from the Lords of Light about a pilot “Allycat”. Holding Allcat’s head over the edge of a raptor he had a vision, and watched the pilot die and be born again in a resurrection ship, surrounded by the likeness of himself. This vision was too much for Deepak to take and he dropped the pilot off the raptor, on his head where he broke his neck…

…just above two mobs of angry and potentially violent people! This was the only game where I saw Colonial Marines and Raptor pilots draw small arms and fire on each other. And that was only because the Commander decided to stop the fist fight from erupting by shooting his chief engineer in the brain pan. Chief Hsing was quite dead, but all that did was escalate the violence.

President Yen, set up her own VP Hye Su to take the fall on the prison ship. The self-same ship that with the visionaries guidance declared themselves a sovereign nation. The Nation of Light. This was the first time population was removed from the Presidents’ total, only to be added to the Visionary’s. The ship was declared and enemy vessel, and would have been nuked by Commander Raptis, if not for the Cylons suddenly arriving in overwhelming force.

In the end the President made a play to “sacrifice” herself by surrendering her ship to the Cylon’s while sneaking a Raptor armed with the sole nuke in her ship’s tylium wake. This worked just until the end when her faithful aid caught her trying to flee in an escape pod. And thus the President went down with the ship and aid Yeliz became the new president of the twelve colonies, or what was left of it.

Thoughts on this game

Gods Damnit these guys are great players. I set the stage and they took off with it.

The president’s political assassination of the Commander went a little like this. “Your CO has a new XO”, which was code for airlocking the XO. This game was a blood bath!

Since no-one was playing a pilot or CAG, when Deepak when to rouse the pilots into a frenzy, I should have had them ask him the question “how did our scouting go so wrong? Why did we jump right into a Cylon ambush?”

This is the first time I saw the President use the Well Connected (allowing her to spend Favors to describe someone owing her something and taking +2 going forward on a roll). I really liked how it worked. It pushed the president to go back for more favors and introduce more Fleet scale problems. Aces!

Also, the president move “Personable”, which allowed her to treat any interaction as an intimate moment and thus trigger the Special moves, was hot.

I wonder if rolling on the love letters (to introduce more problems) is a good idea if you see your players creating tons of their own. As is we had a great time but it did feel a bit like everything and the kitchen sink was going out the airlock.

Verson 2.1 Changelog

After a very thorough review from SoylentWhite on the Apocalypse World forums, I’ve made a bunch of minor corrections and updates.

Downloads (Version 02.1):

Here are Soylent’s comments, and the changes:

Activist special doesn’t have an appropriate option for when listener understands cause, but doesn’t care (too wrapped up in their own shit, for example).

I’m okay with that. I want the Activist to polarize people. Nobody walks away from them feeling indifferent.

Supply and favor confuse me a bit. Are some playbooks supposed to only use one, others the other, and some both? For example, the activist starts with only supply, but their mechanical gain advance is for favor. Trying to work out what the intention is here.

Yep, I was trying to tease out some distinctions between what AW lumps together as barter. It’s hard goods vs. influence. Most playbooks only work with one or the other, a few of the them (like the Businessman and the Activist) can dip into both. That’s intentional.

Businessman – Someone to do your dirty work
Says ‘one of your employees’ then suggests ‘Tarek *and* Misha’. Or, surely, since there’s be only one? Or perhaps it’s better phrased as ‘some of your employees’?

Correct, it should be “or”. Fixed.

No gear listed.

Yikes, not only is that a problem, it’s a beast to fit anything more on that playbook. I found some space though. Fixed.

Captain – When I say jump
I suggest a rephrase so it isn’t needed every time you give an order. Perhaps add ‘in a time of serious crisis’? (“Bring me a coffee.” “Down with the Tyrant Captain!”)

Good call. Fixed.

Commander – CIC
Move doesn’t allow for changing circumstances. If all you know is you’re under attack, you enter CIC, get a weak hit, you need to spend it on the DRADIS before knowing what you need to do, then you can’t do it.
1) Getting sensor readings from the DRADIS shouldn’t be an option. You always need to know what’s going on, you should just be able to get readings. If you want to keep it, I suggest adding the word ‘detailed’.
2) It shouldn’t be on entering, as that just means you have to keep exiting and entering the CIC during a crisis if you only get weak holds. It should be ‘When trying to organise the ship during a crisis’ or something, so you can use it multiple times in a scene, with the risk of a malfunction providing balance.

1) Good call. Added “detailed”
2) I don’t like the wording of “trying to organize”, that isn’t what a commander done, he or she takes control. But the point was a good one. I changed it to “When you are in the Combat Information Center and take control of a crisis”.

Doctor, Engineer
No way to mechanically get favour or supply. Deliberate?

Yep, these are potentially turtling characters, especially the engineer, that can just go off and play on his own without the other PCs. This is intentional to force them to interact and get them in play.

Still has 2 ways of getting sharp +3

Removed the advancement and added in a “add Cylon tech to your workspace, and now you can work on Cylon technology there too.”

7-9 option in boarding party still seems too harsh. 1-harm AP AND are disoriented AND acting under fire or leave something or take something. I’ve had misses with better outcomes than that, especially since base AW says ‘take something’ can be harm.
1-harm AP OR disoriented and acting under fire OR leave something OR take something with seems fairer to me.

Yeah, that was supposed to be re-written as “or”. Fixed

Tear gas grenade still mentions ‘sharm’, which still doesn’t exist.

It was written wrong (3 s-harm), it should have just be S-harm, which is from the AW, it’s stun harm. Knocks people out.

Advances give max sharp +3, not hard.


2 ways of getting cool +3

Removed the +3 Cool advancement and added “lead the people: get an MU (detail) and Officer on Deck”

Protect your mark – still doesn’t say ‘as AP harm’.


You can actually get all of the pilot moves through advances. I suggest otherwise.

Removed one of the “get a move” advancements and added “get a Viper MU (detail) and Officer on Deck”

Inter-colonial relations, surely?


Fleet reconstruction – malfunctions misspelled


Well connected – Favours are valuable enough and +1 has a low enough chance of making a difference, that I can’t see this move as being useful. +2 before rolling or +1 after rolling would be good, though. (Not saying both options for the move, but that one of them would make a good replacement.)

Agreed, I dislike retroactive explanations (they usually feel forced to me), increased to +2.

President can only get one new campaign? Given that’s their main thing, seems a bit harsh.

Added another advancement option to get a second.

7-9 result on Politicking is worse than base AW when doing more than 2 things. (Base: 1 catastrophe if working more than 1. AG: 1 success, rest catastrophes). Deliberate? Significant nerf of President if so.

I dislike the Operators 7-9 (it seems really close to the 10+), but agree my version is too harsh. Now 7-9 gives 1 success and (if more than one campaign run) 1 catastrophe.

No mentioned downside to not working obligation campaigns.

Added it at the bottom of obligation campaigns. “An unworked obligation campaign is an opportunity for the MC.”

2 ways of getting faith +3

Removed the +3 faith advancement and added “followers grant you insight, you can find answers from them as though you were in a Workshop”

Session End
No way to give Hx -1?


Cylon Projection
What does the 7-9 result actually *do*?

Huh, good questions, it isn’t clear and I’m not sure how to make it clear. Going to think on that.

Also, where *is* the credits page in the files? I saw the playtester list on your website, but your ‘Credits given to contributors.’ mentioned above implies that you have one inside the documents, and I just can’t find it.

My worst mistake to date. I’ve added it to the introduction.

First stat line actually says -2 Hard, but means +2.


I’m still very dubious over faith -2, as it’s the easiest stat to ignore, so makes a good natural dump stat.

Agreed. Changed to Faith to =0, with Sharp changed from +1 to -1.

To get around the problem that all pilot moves can be taken:
New move: Wing and a prayer
When in a battle, or just about to enter one, you may make a Leap of Faith using +Cool instead of +Faith.

Pilot has a lot going on already. I removed the 2nd “choose a new pilot move” and gave the Pilot “get a Viper MU (detail) and Officer on Deck”

Probably too late, but I’m not sure about Campaigns. My thought is this:
Start with 3-juggling. When deciding what you’ve been working on, you must declare exactly what your campaigns are and what number of favours/amount of risk it is beforehand, noting that you may have multiples of one level of campaign, so long as they are different things.
Inter-ship relations (cooperation/tensions/-EXPLOSIVE INCIDENT) (covers Quorum mediation & inter-colonial relations)
Internal security (secure/suspicions/-MISSTEP) (covers surveillance, law enforcement, espionage and ship defence)
(Misstep basically means either something that shouldn’t have been done was or something that should have been done wasn’t)
Labour relations (productive/inefficient/-HALTED) (covers health care, labour relations, salvage & fleet reconstruction)
Support a position/person (1-favour, -EMBARRASSED)
Mutual back-scratching (2-favours, -ENTANGLED)
Extreme measures (3-favours, -OFFICE THREATENED)
With this, a single ‘+1 juggling’ advancement is fair, since it means you don’t have to shirk your obligations to actually get anything out of your job.

I like how clean this is, but I’m not ready to ditch the current campaigns without more testing. I did tweak politicking, and I think it’s worth continuing to run as is.

Basic moves:
Suggest you remove ‘Is your character telling the truth’ from the list of ‘Read a Person’ options, just to make cylon-spotting a bit more than trivial.

Huh, that has never come up in a game. I mean nobody has every asked point blank “Are you a Cylon”? Not sure where I want to go with this one yet. Will ponder it along side the Cylon Projection.

You have the fleet population as being 34,560 to start. According to, the series *ends* with about 38,000 survivors. I suggest 49,317 as a better starting number. Likewise, you *may* wish to up the size of the fleet from 47 to 63. When numbers start bigger, it’s easier for the MC to destroy a few when things start going wrong.

Yeah, I initially set it smaller when making Damascus Falls for reasons I can’t even remember now. Maybe to make it more desperate, who knows. But you’re right, I’m bumping up both numbers.

The way you’ve handled Cylons is faithful to the source material, but I’ve decided if/when I run, I’m going to shape them into more my own thing (probably including serious deviations from canon, such as no resurrection!).
From a mechanical perspective, I’ve decided to just add automatically two moves to a revealed character (and no further cylon moves are available): one being Ambush the Fleet, the other being like the Engineer’s workspace but not needing a proper workspace, and only applicable for communications devices to contact the cylon fleet. The idea being that they use that move, ask the MC what they need to do to make a new comms device, spend time doing that, then when they do, they can use the ‘ambush the fleet’ move. Gives them a reason to not be constantly spamming ‘ambush the fleet’.

Let me know how it goes. I’ve long planned to make Cylon playbooks for characters that start out as Cylons. I have ideas for a 6, 4 and 1. Eventually I’d like to make playbooks for all of the models and I’d love to hear what works for you.

Edit: Also, v2 zip file is (or at least was) missing Damascus Falls love letters that were in v1.

Huh… I’ll fix with the next file build.

Apocalypse Galactica – Version 02

More than a year after I first created Apocalypse Galactica, I finally have the post-playtest-feedback incorporated version ready! Downloads available on the main Apocalypse Galactica page.

The majors changes include:

  • Converting all playbooks from Legal to Letter size.
  • Refining moves to make them more specific, action-oriented, and clear.
  • Creating an independent Battletar and Fleet playbook.
  • Copious editing.
  • Reworking of common currency base moves (supply and favors).
  • Focusing the language of the game on BSG over AW (more Frak, less Dremmer).
  • Credits given to contributors.

A ton of work has gone into Apocalypse Galactica. I hope you enjoy.

X-O Broght to you by Jonathan Henry

A lot have people have asked me about the X-O playbook, and my feeling is that you get an X-O either by playing a Commander with the rank X-O, or having the X-O as an NPC. But… that’s me being lazy. Sometimes people want to play the Adama vs. Saul conflicts, and those are done best between two PCs.

Jonathan Henry, who is running Apocalypse Galactica on Google Hangouts+ just posted this!

XO playsheet

So say we all!

Playtest Results from Italy

Paolo Bosi has translated Apocalypse Galactica into Italian and run the game several times! Awesome. Here’s the feedback he’s given me so far:

Ok, just a few words about my games.

I’ve find really hard to keep working the trio Commander-CAG-Pilot.
It has occurred about half of the time (after 3 times i’d started removing at least one of the trio, mostly the CAG) and everytime one relationship (CAG-Pilot or Commander-Pilot cause, who knows, every pilot wants to be son of the commander) really overwelmed the others.
There was no interaction aside form the Hx+3 set up. I pushed an Activist, Engineer, President with all my MC might and nothing happened.
So as i’ve already said, i’ve started removing the CAG.
I find it a little “weak”, maybe because it’s role is not as powerful as the Commander, yet he is a pilot, someone who carry the burden of the fights and not the responability of command.
I haven’t had a chance to read the 2.0 version so maybe you already come to this, but the Leadership move was never used. Most of the time Act under Fire works fine for portraying orders.
Also i think i’d be more comfortable (or maybe less scared) as an MC if there was some words on how to push up Crysis Clocks. They are clear and fine, but in the first games i’d found myself in some truoble after half of the game with all the Clocks on their starting positions. Maybe a custom MC move like “push up a Clock and tell them what happen the next morning”  is what i’ve done in my latest games.
I hope this can be halpful.
Sincerly, Paolo.
My thoughts:  Yeah, I usually play with 4 players and always ask that they break up the military and civilian roles, so I’ve never seen Commander/CAG/Pilot all together in one game. I can see how it would be really problematic. I’ll think on how they interact more though, that’s a good observation!
And Paolo nailed it with Leadership, that move has been taken out of Basic Moves and tailored for the specific playbooks (CAG, Commander, and Activist).