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So Say We All!Apocalypse Galactica

Welcome to Apocalypse Galactica, a Battlestar Galactica Hack of Apocalypse World. Watching the show filled me with a sense of awe at their constant desperation and refusal to surrender to forces they could not possibly combat.  That was the world I wanted to play in!

Apocalypse Galactica is a work in progress hack that includes playbooks, a few rules changes, and two scenarios to get you started playing humans on the edge of extinction…or the cylons hunting them! To Play Apocalypse Galactica you need Apocalypse World, by D. Vincent Baker.

Downloads (Version 02.1):

Previous Versions


Below find my development blog along with actual play reports of the game.


Source Material: Apocalypse World by D. Vincent Baker
Editing: Karen Twelves
Graphic Design: Katie Stapko
Play-test feedback: Hamish Cameron, David Gallo,  Jeff Pedersen, Paul Tevis, Josh Roby, Morgan Ellis, June Garcia, Michael Garcia, Jon Edwards, Matthew Klein, Dale Horstman, Mac Hume, Steve Locke, Jacob Creed, Andrew McDonnell, Courtney Burmann, Sean Schoonmaker, Meilin W, Sean Cambell, Kristin Vogel, Ezra Denney, Karen Twelves, Ralph Wolterbeek, Michael Garcia, Kristin Hayworth, Shaun Hayworth, Basil Benitz, Xander Matthews, Antonio Morton, Joeseph Harney, Jonathan Henry, Paolo Bosi, Jesse Thacker, Eric Ullman, Josh Curtis, Justin Evans, and Zach G.
Other amazing insight providers: SoylentWhite (AW Forums)

So say we all!

Episode 0 – Intro to the show

Hi, welcome to This Just in… From NeonCon.  Following in the footsteps of Ryan Macklin, Kevin Weiser, and Paul Tevis who host (or hosted) This Just in… From Gen Con, I’m releasing a twice a day podcast at NeonCon, keeping you appraised of the excitement at the con as well as interviewing folks at the show.

Stay tuned for a few more preview shows before the con and then the real deal… From NeonCon!

Length: 1:31 | Download