First swing at a Letter Bi-Fold – Pilot

Here’s my first attempt to shrink my Legal Tri-Folds to Letter Bi-Fold. It is also incorporating feedback from SoylentWhite on the Apocalypse World Hack Forums.

This is what I had to take out to make it happen:

  • Apocalypse World Credits (since it really isn’t a playbook from AW anyway, but I still want to give tribute somewhere.
  • Vehicle rules. Will have to put them into a supplemental moves book (to be created)
  • Look box. Redundant anyway (choices already circled)
  • Playbook picture shrunk to 2/3 height.
  • Creating a pilot rules. Basically all they did was tell you to choose things (moves, stats, etc).
  • Improvement instructions. Probably unnecessary anyway.

Changes made to pilot (as of Version_02):

  • Versatile move now implicit. The Pilot can have a Viper, Raptor, or both, by default.
  • Daredevil changed to Hotshot. Option for +2 armor to create a problematic situation.
  • Perfect Instincts still in there, but it’s coming out, Pilot already has enough ways to get crazy bonuses to rolls. Need a replacement for it.

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