SDM Design – The order of things (2/4/2015)

Just after recording Narrative Control 82 with Vincent and Rob, Thor and I got on the horn to talk about Stone Dragon.  We scoured through comments in the text and came up with this list.

Salt Terrace
Salt Terrace

Meeting Goals:

  • Trimming down the intro (way to long)
  • Giving better motivations to the characters met as wandering monster encounters (Deepti, Lakpa, Zopon, and Sampat).
  • Contents of the new locations (Salt Terrace and Monastery)
  • Pacing of exposition (through NPCs, from the monastery, etc)
  • Plan for changes on the inside locations. Redesign the society and factions on the inside given our changes.
  • The Sharwa gods don’t have to be different than the Immortal Lords (leave that idea open)
  • Make sure content matches it’s header/subheader
  • Antagonist pursues an agenda that you admire but do it with a method you abhor. Or vice versa.
  • What if Jhala wants to go to the lowland and leave the mountain, but Deepti wants to stay?

The information, as it stands right now is all over the place. Re-order int he following sections:

Stupa in a Monastery 

Part 1 – Intro to the setting

–Ancient History
–Recent Events
–Bringing It All Together

Part 2 – People of the Mountain


Part 3 – Setup in for the GM

Playtest Version

Part 4 – Running Stone Dragon Mountain

Wandering Monsters
The End


Lots of head scratching from me. Lots of good ideas from Thor. Mostly what I’m impressed by is how much invisible world building we’re doing. Like any story, there is way more behind Stone Dragon Mountain that whats going on the page (and even that is a lot), but knowing the background of it all helps me understand the world the adventure takes place in!


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