Officer on Deck

The CAG has been consistently one of my most problematic characters. Both because he sits somewhere between a Commander and a Pilot with aspects of both, and because the one example I have of the CAG in the show was such a diverse character (his rank/status changed about 12 times during the show) that he makes it very hard to model.

Here are the changes I made since version_01. First, stuff removed:

  • Apocalypse World Credits (since it really isn’t a playbook from AW anyway, but I still want to give tribute somewhere.
  • Military Unit rules. Will have to put them into a supplemental moves book (to be created)
  • Look box. Redundant anyway (choices already circled)
  • Playbook picture shrunk to 2/3 height.
  • Creating a CAG rules. Basically all they did was tell you to choose things (moves, stats, etc).
  • Improvement instructions. Probably unnecessary anyway.

Changes made to CAG (as of Version_02):

  • Moved Raptor Scouting to be an optional move, and took as self-evident question off the list.
  • Added Squadron Commander as a fixed move, as Leadership is falling back out of the basic moves list. Gave Squadron Commander specific battle choices for pilots.
  • Changed Brief the Squad to be more general (making a plan) and removed a fight specific option (moved to Squadron Commander).
  • Removed all the optional moves: Lead the Way, Wingman, Leave No Man Behind, and Raiding Party. Replaced with Tactical Leader (what I wanted instead of Lead the Way), Harsh Lessons (taken from the Officer in The Regiment), Dearly Departed (suggested by Soylent White on the forums), and Raptor Scouting (a cool move but not an essential CAG move).

Lingering concerns. The CAG is full of roll to do stuff off this list, he has 4 moves that do that, which seem too much. Not sure what to cut or condense though. Given that it is a “sharp” character, I like that choices where questions are answered is an option. Musing on it still.

And here’s the CAG: