Naming moves from the show

It occurs to me that the more I use language from the show, not only does it make the game more evocative, but it also helps me figure out what the moves should do.

Example. The Commander needs Leadership. He is the Hardholder after all. But instead of calling it leadership, I’m going to name it “So Say We All”. This isn’t just a re-skin though, it means that when I’m thinking about what the Commander can do, I’m thinking about what kind of things the Commander would do in a BSG universe.

Make a hard advance, for instance, isn’t as appropriate as “Protect the Fleet”. So, that said, I’m thinking about other moves, named after lines in the show. So far I’ve got:

  • So Say We All (Commander)
  • Martial Law (Commander)
  • CIC (Commander)
  • Roll a Hard Six (Pilot)
  • Get your Gun and Bring the Cat In (Partisan)
  • All of This Has Happened Before (Visionary)
  • All of This Will Happen Again (Visionary)
  • Officer on Deck (CAG)
  • Necessary Evil (Businessman)
  • Quorum of Twelve (Captain)
  • Tribunal Judge (Captain)
  • Sickbay (Doctor)
  • Boarding Party (Marine)
  • Master-at-Arms (Marine)
Ideas for others? Something I’m missing?

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