Narrative Control – Episode 63 – Making the Bits compelling

Welcome to a little Narrative Control experiment.  Three very short episodes on very small topics all released in short order.  This show Fattig and I are talking about getting your players excited about the NPCs, places and things in your game.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Eric Fattig

Length: 15:59

Show Notes

[00:25] Intro to the show.  Three minisodes.
[00:55] Situation: Players don’t care about the thing the GM created.
[02:22] The point of the players caring is to give you ways to motivate the PCs.
What are four possible ways that you can draw them in?
[03:20] Make the thing actionable.  The players can make a difference.
[06:08] Giving the players a compelling reason to care about the place or person.
[07:44] Tying locations to the PCs.  Make them mirror the PCs.
[12:38] Think in terms of terrain vs. background. Create assets that players can fight over.
[15:24] Setting they can punch in the face!

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