Narrative Control – Episode 64 – The Lennisode

Welcome to a little Narrative Control experiment.  Three very short episodes on very small topics all released in short order.  This show is the Lennisode.  Two great ideas I ripped off from Leonard Balsera.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Eric Fattig

Length: 16:24

Show Notes

[00:25] Intro to the show.  Three minisodes.
[01:00] Greetings Lenny? Leonard? The Lennisode, not the Jennisode (
[01:36] Based off two bits of advice Lenny gave out. Hack away.
[02:20] The 15 Minute prep for games. Frame three scenes with punch!
[03:35] Example of trying this out: Dresden without prep.
[09:01] Reward players for making decisions that have bad consequences either way.  From his LJ
[14:14] Players will be more engaged in a choice they make.

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