3 thoughts on “Apocalypse Galactica at Big Bad Con”

  1. Eric ran a fantastic game, and I was ready to go another four hours by the end.

    I of course played the Commander. I really like the choices of rank, Whee you can be the colonel whose taken over for the old man, up to the admiral whose lost his fleet. That was a really nice and subtle flavoring of the system.

    The two pieces of feedback I would give regarding the Playbook would to be to in led a list of choosable wants right in the text of the move for your roll at the beginning.

    Second, in the CIC move, because the DRADIS,comm, and plot a course to a lesser extent are rather passive results without mechanical effects, they seemed to be glossed over. It might have been a time constraint on Eric’s part.

    Since the Leadership move is a basic move, and the resource move is only rolled at the beginning of the session, and several CiC moves are rather passive (call other ship, dradis, plot a nav course.) It seemed like the only had a couple of things to do. In fact, I only managed to make 5 hard rolls as my highlighted stats, 2 of which were before the session started (love letter and resources).

    Not sure if that is an artifact of the playbook or just how this session worked out.

    Also, just a formatting thing I noticed, for the Engineer moves, there is no “Choose x” to indicate how many moves to pick on the playsheet. Other than that, the playsheets are frakking brilliant!

    1. Yep, I’m moving Leadership back into a custom move for the Commander (CAG has his own version as well).

      CIC is kind of going all over the place, so I think I’ll either split some things off of it and roll them into Leadership, or get rid of them all together.

      Important concerns for me:

      The Commander make his hard moves (Go Aggro, Sieze by force) using either vipers and/or the battlestar as a gang (and having them take the appropriate consequences) from the CIC.

      The Commander can get special “Read a Sitch” info from CIC via the DRADIS, Damage control reports. Maybe these could add a question option to “Read a Sitch”

      Some of these are essentially just saying you can do your basic moves on a bigger scale form the CIC, but I think there is some uniqueness to it as well. I’ll keep working on this.

  2. I could nerd out and gush all afternoon about the BSG apocalypse world game Eric ran but will instead just say my religious zealot Geminese president turned out to summon the Cylon ambush. Perfect! In addition to the fun system those are some beautiful playbooks and sheets you’ve put together here all in all a very sexy hack. Also it ran so smoothly (maybe the smoothest AWorld I’ve been in though everyone at the table was super familiar with both system and the world) and all hell broke loose right at the perfect time. I may run the hack for my group if I do I will let you know how it goes.

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