Actual Play – Refuge in Audacity (9/2/2012)

GM: The Penultimate Mecha Ultra Zeitgeist of Audacity Ryan Dunleavy
Players: John Harper, Morgan Stinson, Shaun Hayworth, Sean Nittner, Twyla Campbell, and Marissa Kelley
System: Refuge in Audacity

The moon must have been in alignment, because somehow this game fell on my lap.  I had wanted to play with John Harper at some point during the con and thus far hadn’t been able to hook up with him. Shaun and I were both feeling the con fatigue and were just about ready to leave, but were looking for one last event or thing to check out. Then out of nowhere, we we’re caught in a whirlwind of awesome.

“Hey, you guys want to play a game?” “Is it short” “Yeah, most most of the time. And it’s awesome. Come play.”  That’s all I needed. That John was also playing in the game just made my con. That I got to meet two other cool gamers Twyla and Marissa, was combo bonus points exploding on the screen Scott Pilgrim style.

We rolled up our toons (yes, rolled them up) and I was a Titan Dwarf Chronomancer. Shaun was a Billy Dead Radblaster… so you know this game was going to be crazy. And it’s not just crazy, it’s so ridiculously over the top crazy that it actually evoked the kind of crazy interactions that Jolly R. Blackburn puts into Knights of the Dinner Table. It was full metal ludicrous.

The play is the thing?

Our game started with us flying a space ship through some place  (remembering that the entire setting takes place in a city the size of a thousand galaxies) and finding that Kev “Ripper” Strongbald was going to blow up a planet and kill some space whales. That was pretty much the sum total of the story.

Our character used their Kung Fus, Demonic Packs, Demonic Patron, Cyber Gear, and generally single Exotic Art (only one but the right one) to do pretty much anything we described and did tens of thousands of points of damage to “Ripper”, only to find out that called shots to his genitals were nigh useless. Eventually Morgan realized killing off the other players net gained more XP for everyone (in the hundreds of thousands) and was the first to become an Infinity God and win the game.

Yep, it was like that.

Thoughts on this game

The game is so over the top, you can’t help but laugh when you play it.

It uses every die type (you start with 2d20 x 100,000 XP and the the insanity just goes from there. Don’t think, just download it from and play it. You’ll laugh.

The game describes itself as “An over-the-top pastiche/parody of bad 90s RPGs and comics.” It nails that on the head.

Burned out at the end of the con, this game, and this silly mix of players was just what I was looking for. A perfect way to finish of PAX


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