Actual Play – Pilgrim Flashing Flashlight and Pilgrim Smart Phone (11/2/2011)

Players: Sean Nittner and daughter.
System: Do, Pilgrims of the Flying Temple (hacked a lot)

My nine year old and I are starting to play a Do variant based on this post. The idea is to practice spelling works, while having fun telling a story. The Letter and words are on that post as well.

The Pilgrims

Pilgrim Flashing Flashlight helps people see in the dark and gets in trouble when her flashlight starts flashing because it has a low battery.

Pilgrim Smart Phone helps people by making phone calls but gets int trouble by being a smart ass.

The Rescue

Pilgrim Flashing Flashlight is in trouble because her simple flashlight has a low battery because it started to sparkle and twinkle.

Pilgrim Smart Phone called the people in the castle order a new battery.

Pilgrim Flashing Flashlight’s battery got stuck in a bottle with noodles in it.

Pilgrim Smart Phone whistled in a very high pitch; breaking the bottle and freeing the battery in the middle

Pilgrim Flashing Flashlight’s battery got wet because there was apple juice in the bottle and a nickel mad a dent in it.

Pilgrim Smart Phone found a new battery he wiggled free from the poodle phone.

Pilgrim Flashing Flashlight tickled freckles which made the water in the puddle go all over the place and only a little bit was left.

Pilgrim Smart Phone thought he was so smart that he would sample how to get out of the puddle, but fell in instead!

Pilgrim Flashing Flashlight blew a bubble which made Pilgrim Smart Phone and Freckles jump out of the puddle.

Thoughts on the game

My little one rolled odd three times in a row.  She was having a lot of trouble (both due to morale and having a hard time thinking about what would happen) writing herself getting into trouble over and over. I may have to tweak that. On the flip side she was really happy when she rolled even and got to help. She was also happy when I got in trouble and she got to help me out of it.

We needed a list of words again for this game (using the same print out from last time where we had crossed out the words we used).  I had my little one copy all the words so we had a fresh list… more practice writing them and she didn’t even notice!

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