Actual Play – Pilgrim Flying Squirrel and Pilgrim Mixing Bowl (11/1/2011)

Players: Sean Nittner and daughter.
System: Do, Pilgrims of the Flying Temple (hacked a lot)

My nine year old and I are starting to play a Do variant based on this post. The idea is to practice spelling works, while having fun telling a story. The Letter and words are on that post as well.

The Pilgrims

We decided to stick with Pilgrim as a title instead of Student as my little one liked the art on the front of Do and wanted to be pilgrims instead of students, but we use the perms pretty interchangeably when we’re playing.

Pilgrim Flying Squirrel helps people by collecting stuff and gets in trouble by falling when she tries to fly.

Pilgrim Mixing Bowl helps people by holding their things and gets in trouble by mistaking things.

The Rescue

Pilgrim Mixing Bowl holds little in the middle’s apple and bottle of bubbles.

Pilgrim Flying Squirrel collects the noodle that tickled freckles out of the puddle.

Ut oh! Pilgrim Mixing Bowl accidentally took Little’s things to the castle and was not able to get to the poodle.

Pilgrim Flying Squirrel collects nickels to give to the people and buy Mixing Bowl out of the castle.

Pilgrim Mixing Bowl grabbed all the fireworks that sparkle and twinkle so the people would notice Freckles.

Pilgrim Flying Squirrel find a simple sample of dirt that wiggles with worms that she drips in the puddle.

Pilgrim Mixing Bowl whistles and Freckles runs out of the dirt puddle!

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