Actual Play – Nut People (1/15/2012)

Players: Dovi Anderson, Jason Morningstar, Sean Nittner, Shannon MacNamara
System: Fiasco
Playset: Nut People

What’s the lowest possible stakes you can play for? Nuts! Yep, pecans and Georgia going for a record hi nickel a pop!

Who did we have

Donna VanWert, the Nut House princess, her derelict cousin and clumsy lover that was stealing the nuts with his pot smoking buddy who had a bet with his dishwasher coworker over who was going to have sex with Donna first.


Relationship: Romance – Clumsy lovers.

Location: Honeysuckle – Dishwashers.

Need: To Get Laid – So you can brag about it at he fireworks stand.

Relationship: They are just yard nuts officer – Nut thief and honeysuckle employee.

Location: Downtown Quigley – Pecan Sandy’s Bed and Breakfast.

Object: Drug – Hallucinogenic mushrooms mixed a bag of pecans.

Relationship – The Original Georgia Nut House – Nut Roaster & Trainee.

Need: To Get Nuts – To buy toys for kids! Hah!


Quotable “I’m just not that into you.”

Wacky hijnks including the once desirable Donna VanWert becoming the object of a bet and rejected even by her cousin. Of course there was crime, stolen pecans all over the place, people getting high on mushrooms and the threat of big bad Dale Blankenchip bringing the pain. That set across the backdrop Sheriff Dan Mason (Jake’s father) and the hot headed Deputy Junior Broadus all digging into everyone’s business.Yes!

Thoughts on this game

Jason makes a great stoner Red Sox fan with delusions of grandeur. Cap turned backward, overalls on with no shirt underneath and all. Great times.

My first time gaming with Dovi, and I had a great time. His earnest efforts amongst so many other jaded, crass and greedy bastards was great.

I rarely play high status characters that have people fawning over them. Most of the time when I play high status, it’s leader types that everyone brings their troubles to and that have to constantly fight to maintain their authority. It felt weird for me to have the other three characters pursuing mine. So after the first act during a break I asked everyone to try and put Donna in something of a predicament, turn the tables on her, and they did, wonderfully.

The story ended in tears, as it should.


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