Actual Play – Lords of Doskvol (5/2/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves, Eric Fattig, and Adrienne Mueller
System: Blades in the Dark

The stocks below Bellweather Creamtorium

Drafty. Cold. Old stone banded in steel, inscribed with runes. Absent the ghost field.

Elke was dragged before three Spirit Wardens. Perhaps the same three that captured her and dragged her to this place, it was impossible to tell. The put her in a dark room and interrogated her about spectral crimes against the empire. There were four things they did (or tried to do) to her:

  • Learn everything she knows about Scurlock – Success. They know know he’s trying to infiltrate them, that he has a demon bound in his observatory.
  • Learn everything she knows about the Doskvol Spectral Society – Negligible success [Elke resisted and gave only the public facing information]
  • Learn everything she knows about Nyryx – Partial success [Elke resisted and told them what she knew about the reconciled in general, but nothing about Nyryx]
  • Spirit Brand her – Success [Permanent Level 2 Harm]

As they branded her Elke tried to work way into their hearts, if they have any, of at least into their curiosity but suggesting everything she was doing was for the better of the empire, to make all ghosts reconciled upon death. Her argument was so persuasive, it seemed like it might have cracked the shell on one of the wardens [Risky Sway. Critical Success. 1/16 Ticks towards Spirit Wardens rethink their Ways]

Back in School

In less incarcerated parts of the city, Hix was trying to win Oilweather over to “make up” for the work that she missed. This was helped by Elke doing some of her homework and Clelland gave Oilweather a nudge that he should do like he always does, and roll over for Hix. However, in their absence, Oilweather was keenly feeling the setup they had put him in. Danwood and bit by bit taken back most of his office until Oilweather was consigned to a small corner as he had been with Hellyers. Hix tried to win him over with praise of his work but he merely felt manipulated and decided this was this was where he drew the line. [Risky Sway. Bad Outcome. Loss of Opportunity and Consequence: Loss of Favor with Oilweather]. Hix decided she’d have to do this the hard way and started working back through more than a month of homework, exams, and practicum. [Resisting both consequences and starting a long term project 0/6]

Rowan showed up at the Cat and Candle asking everyone if they had seen Brogan. He’d been missing for a few days…

Let’s Get some Investors

Knowing that they needed to make some money, Hix suggested they take some of their existing assets, the amulets that Elke created and find some investors. Turning to their contacts Rosslyn and Salia the decided to host a fundraising event to find investors, specifically to powerful lords Scurlock and Strangford!

The plan was to put on a presentation of the soul protecting properties of Elke’s amulets. In addition to the two hopeful buyers attendance included several powerful lords and academic luminaries including also Roslyn Kellis, Polonia Clelland, Yerial Dandwood, Donovan Jayan, Vincent Strathmill, and Augus Mendelson.

Salia had arranged for a beautiful manor home to put on the display, but they didn’t realize until it was too late that the home was Corro Younghusband’s. [Risky opening situation. Thanks Engagement roll]

Wining and dining the guests the following bits came out:

  • Scurlock appeared without announcement and introduced himself with the utmost grace and charm to Jadvyga.
  • Strangford arrived in a wheelchair with his body man Needle and immediately dismissed all pleasantries. He was here to see the goods.
  • Corro tried to steal the show and gain favor with Strangford but was blocked by Ro and Hix. (Corro’s influence with Strangford 1/4)
  • Corro tried to get a cut of the profits but was stymied on that as well (Hive gets a cut 2/4)
  • Hix tried to size up Lord Strangford’s body man Needle and she could tell that he really loves his job, and that Hix was trying to size him up.
  • Hix charmed most of the crowd and kept them but curious and entertained by her. Except Augus. For him, it was clear that the Spectral Society were just charlatans.

We ended with both buyers sold on their product… but each of them having a catch! [Desperate sway to seal the deal. Partial Success. Many bad things to come.]

What Rocked

I loved playing up the very different lords. Scurlock is very courteous and observes a lot of societal norms, where is Strangford is a mean old man who doesn’t have time for this shit. Both are ludicrously deadly.

Acquiring a Tier 4 Spirit Mask to contend with both Strangford and Scurlock was a good plan!

Ironically they didn’t want to actually do any illegal spectrology during the presentation so they used a lot of parlor tricks and magnets to show off their work. Luckily they had two really powerful whispers in the room that could first see through the tricks but also see that the amulets were the real deal.

What could have improved

I think I’ve played Corro as all bark and no bite. He gets really angry that the DSS won’t do what he wants, that he can’t control his brother… but don’t feel like I’ve really done anything with him yet. I don’t want to constantly throw one thing after another at the society, but they’ve got some enemies (Clelland, Major Slane, Corro, etc) that I think need to take some decisive action.

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