Actual Play – David (5/4/2017)

GM: Stras Acimovic
Players: Jory Bowers, Andi Carrison, and Sean Nittner
System: Scum & Villainy

We arrived on Lithios, impersonated clone buyers (Faye and Lauren posing as a married couple looking for a domestic servant), wandered the halls (Bhaz impressing the half-tiger people guards), found our mark (an un-imprinted clone named David), and snatched him just before his sigil could be placed (Lauren now impersonating a progenitor and Faye placing the mark on her forehead that she had seen in a nightmare to impersonate a Yaru clone).

We fled the compound (Faye accidentally using her thumbprint to get through a door, thus leaving behind her genetic code), sailed across the ice on a sled pulled by a giant PonyDog (which we decided to keep and name Burden) and narrowly escaped the Yaru security.

There was so much more however, which you can find on:

Standancer on Air

What Rocked

Stras, Andi, Jory… and all the words that came out of their mouths. Really, this show was that good.

Faye returns home and it totally freaks her out.

Lauren’s story about Matthew (“How could you?”)… and how awkward the scientist was after that!

Salteens and soda water.

Bhaz out-aplha-ing the tiger people clones.

Escaping with a thermal detonator!

Making off with a giant PonyDog.

The inevitable moral dilemna to follow.

Stras’ awesome art:

Lithios (Surface)
Lithios (Underground station)

What could have improved

I didn’t decide that Lithios was Faye’s home until a little ways into the mission. I think would have played her differently if I had committed early.  A good reminder to be less precious. Jump on something, see how it works. If you don’t like it, try something different next time!



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