Actual Play – Into the Brig of Samarra Yarr (6/22/2017)

GM: Stras Acimovic
Players: Jory Bowers, Andi Carrison, and Sean Nittner
System: Scum & Villainy

In which the Stardancers damage the central core of a powerful ur-bot (on accident), fight off drilling drones, acquire another strange black box, shoot poor Felix, impersonate pirates, and wind up in the bring of Zamara Yar, the Red Wolf. There was much trauma to be had. (SO MUCH TRAUMA).

What Rocked

As we noted at the start of Episode 7, after this session (which as really tense) we spent half an hour off screen talking about the game and expressing what was tough about it. We went from frustrated by understanding to really, really, excited about the next session. These are some of the finest humans I’ve gamed with and I’m so, so glad I get to spend my evenings romping through space with them.

What could have improved

Our rolls. Hah! It did really seem like we had three jobs all under lock and key. Deliver the plants to Amerath, help Conclave 01 recover the pre-cursor artifacts, and rescue the Suneaters to boot. Then it all fell to pieces.  But as we saw from the next session, this just set us up to stage and awesome escape!

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