Actual Play – Escape from the Raven’s Jewel (6/29/2017)

GM: Stras Acimovic
Players: Jory Bowers, Andi Carrison, and Sean Nittner
System: Scum & Villainy

We’re back just a week later (since we’d have to skip a session) for more Stardancer goodness.

Aboard the Raven’s Jewel, in Samara Yarr’s brig, the Stardancers and the Suneaters hatched a plan to escape. Doing so would including:

  • Putting aside the fact that Laren killed Felix, at least until we got back to the Stardancer.
  • Using Faye’s stash of Aketi Emerald to drug the crew of the Raven’s Jewel (Bar-Hazûk, acting as a servant ur-bot slipped it into the pirates’ food)
  • Picking the locks and getting out of the cell, only to have the Red Wolf show up and catch Bar-Hazûk, throwing him in the brig and melting the lock shut!
  • Sneaking through the Raven’s Jewel and breaking into the armory where we all suited up. Including Faye, in an actual suite of power armor! From there we split up:
    • Laren and Bhaz went back to the brig with a laser axe and cut through the bars to free Bar-Hazûk.
    • The Suneaters went below decks to disable the engine so the Raven’s Jewel couldn’t chase use.
    • Faye, in a suit of power armor, exited the ship through an airlock, but she was chased by the Red Wolf herself! Outside they had a thrilling chase of Faye trying to cut the cables that grappled the ships together. There were rocket thrustsers and heavy blasters and power saws!
  • On the way back into the ship, Bhaz and Laren confronted a group of pirates and we got to see her whoop some serious ass.
  • The Suneaters, from the gunnery shot the last remaining grappling cables, because…
  • Faye evaded Samara, but only by getting them both caught in the engine flames, destroying Faye’s suit and leaving her exposed to space! Bhaz, still in a suit leaped out of the airlock to save her, but she was badly Space Frozen [Level 2 Harm].

On our way back, we finally had to talk about Felix. Though it did not come to blows (it was close), Ricarra, Yojor N’Kaz, and the rest of the Suneaters were not willing to forgive easily. Faye pointed out that we did rescue them, and that we could tell the Hegemony about then, but we wouldn’t, and that we’d do a job for them in the future. None of these things add up to a life, but nothing does, not even taking another one, so Ricarra begrudgingly accepted.

Stardancers on Air

What Rocked

That was some of the most space fantasy action I’ve ever seen. Including from games of Star Wars, Battlelords of the 23rd Century, Traveller, and Gamma World! Laser axes, power armor, witty quips. This episode had it all!

I enjoyed having Faye really suffer as she watched her stash disappear, and worse, the embarrassment of having to admit that she had it in the first place.

Bhaz opened up such a giant can of whoop ass! And Laren got stressed out [Trauma: Soft] to support her!

In the final negotiation with Ricarra we agreed to do a job with her, but on our terms, requiring a resistance roll from Faye, which stressed her out [Trauma: Reckless].

What could have improved

Gotta think of a better name for Harm than Space Frozen. Other than that, this game was top notch!

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