Actual Play – Fiasco on a Plane (11/4/2010)

Players: Sean Nittner, Jeremy Tidwell and Ashley
System: Fiasco, with some improvisation (we had no dice).

This was insane. This doesn’t happen. It was a gaming evangelist’s dream. I was on a plane flying to Neoncon, sitting next to Jerry, talking about gaming, and this cute, five foot nothing woman is next to me and keeps asking us what we’re talking about.

For a long time she thought we were talking about video games, eventually we broke through that and started getting her around to understanding it’s a bunch of people sitting around telling a story to each other. And get this… she still wants to know more. Cool right?

Eventually Jerry pulls Fiasco out of a bag and she starts reading it, and I mean reading it. Each page, completely. She gets through the first couple and I can tell she’s hooked. So I tell her to skip ahead to the play sets, she picks Boomtown and we start “rolling” up things by having people pick random numbers 1-6 without looking at the book.

Our game starts with spouses that hat each other, a dead body, and dollar store where all this shit is going down. Like your typical Fiasco game. We played out three scenes and then showed her what the twist would be like and what kind of end game results we could get.

The whole time she’s wide eyed and smiling, and Jerry and I are in nerdvana because someone out of the blue is gaming with us.

And it’s not real unless there are pictures so here’s a REALLY bad one I took from the plane holding my phone backwards.

All in all, it rocked. So…

What rocked

All in all of it.
Getting to play with Jerry for the first time.
Getting to play with Ashley for the first time.
Getting to play on a plane for the first time.

What could have improved

It would have been better if we had some dice as endgame was hard to explain. But we made it work.

Shutting the hell up and listening. We were trying to be “helpful” of course but there were a couple times I think we just overwhelmed Ashley with ideas. I was very proud of during the times when we just shut up and let her give us some ideas.

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