Narrative Control – Episode 54 – Mad Props (Part 2)

Hi and welcome back to the second Narrative Control props show.  This episode we’re continuing the conversation of props in your game.  We’ll be talking about food, music, pictures, props you can hold and skype + wierd stuff!

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Eric Fattig

Show Notes

[00:28] Intro to the show.  A continuation of Episode 53.  More props.

[01:05] Food! Breaking bread while you bash some heads.  This segment will make you hungry.
[02:09] Sushi in an L5R game.
[02:50] Sean brought coffee and doughnuts to his Dresden Files Chicago PD game.
[02:57] Division through beer: Sean’s running of The Gift.
[04:08] Be a rock star and drink a Rockstar.  Sean’s Exalted Unplugged game.
[04:26] Root beer kegs.  It turns out they contain a lot of root beer.
[05:06] A little game music.
[05:15] Sean’s Matrix game: even a ringtone can evoke a sensation.
[05:42] Recording audio for use in games.  Simulating a telepathic link in Mage: the Awakening
[08:03] A game where music is central to the game: Sean’s Exalted Unplugged game.
[09:20] Where music falls short.  An example from a Buffy game.
[09:58] Sean recalls a misstep from his Mage game.
[10:32] Avoiding mistakes in music.  Also, Fattig mispronounces Haydn.
[11:40] One last example of music used well in an L5R game
[12:17] Pictures!
[12:30] How pictures can help your games.
[13:27] Brainwash your players! Or maybe not.
[13:43] Bringing the swamp to life in Apocalypse World.
[16:14] Stuff you can hold.  Adding some weight to your games.
[16:47] The objects of Apocalypse World. Turns out rusty crap is mostly free.
[17:45] A skull and gas mask for an Apocalypse World game.  Not as free, but re-usable come next Halloween.
[18:07] One man’s garbage is another man’s prop.
[18:51] Keep your props safe to handle.
[19:33] An box of evidence from Sean’s Dresden cop game.  Variety is key.
[21:21] Tailoring the prop to the setting.  Variety versus a central object.
[21:59] Weapons as props.  Usually a bad idea, but Sean did it once.  His story.
[23:40] Draped cloth in The Gift.  Turning an ordinary chair at a con into throne.
[24:43] Mouse ball! A prop used in an icebreaker for Mouse Guard.
[26:17] The miscellaneous category.  Props that defy categorization.
[26:42] Gods and Heroes.  Using Skype in a game.
[30:35] How not to use props.
[31:51] Finding inspiration for your game through props.
[32:33] A cautionary tale of a terrible prop. Warning, moderately gross.
[34:29] Players should always be able to engage a prop if they want, but don’t force it on them.

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