Actual Play – Choshkys (12/22/2009)

GM: Sean Nittner
System: Primetime Adventures

Played PTA at Baker’s Square last time. We’re getting the groove of eating and playing in one hour. Also, we got to have lunch with sunnysmilixer which is always fun. We can do about half an episode per lunch.

This episode was focusing on Vernon’s issues of self worth. As being someone who has prided himself on putting in a good days work every day of his life, he’s seeing that none of that means anything. Nobody respects him. His boss doesn’t, his co-workers don’t, even his friends don’t. However, the one person that does is his nephew Samuel L. Jackson. Who made an appearance at the very end of the game (i.e. middle of the episode). He told Vernon he need to stop being stepped on and stand up for himself. The game ended with them thrashing the place.

I’m not going to do a what rocked/could be improved because I think we’re still getting a hang of the mechanics and running in the same pacing issues as we were before. Overall though, still having lots of fun.

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